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As the debate on artificial intelligence (AI) continues to heat up, Americans in Texas and California have weighed in on whether they think AI has a positive or negative impact on society. Fox News recently explored this topic, speaking to both supporters and skeptics of AI, in the hopes of shedding light on this contentious issue.

Gopal, a resident of Austin, Texas, believes that AI has a tremendously beneficial impact on society. He told Fox News, “It’s a great thing for society. It makes … more people smarter, and then it makes organizations more efficient.” Gopal’s recent job experience with AI led him to the conclusion that the technology can enhance human performance, stating that AI provides “that mechanism for servicing what a smart person will do.”

However, not everyone shares Gopal’s enthusiasm. Carlos from Houston, Texas, expressed more cautious optimism, saying, “It really just depends on how people are using it. It could be a helpful tool to some people in the right way, but taken out of context, I feel it could be very bad for us.”

A recent Fox News Poll showed that nearly half of all registered voters familiar with AI considered it a “bad thing,” while 38% viewed it favorably. Only just over one-in-ten said it depends on the context.

The poll also highlighted a striking gender gap in familiarity with AI technology such as ChatGPT, with an 18-point gap between men and women. College graduates and younger voters were more familiar with AI chatbots than voters over 45 or those without a degree.

For some, AI represents a creative tool that enhances their work. Waukena, a Los Angeles resident, uses AI in her film class, saying she now relies on it more than a Google search for ideas and information.

However, concerns about AI job replacement loom large. Steven from Los Angeles fears the impact of automation on the job market: “If we’re leaving everything to robots and automation, it’s gonna be interesting to see what that does for a lot of jobs.”

But Joe from San Antonio isn’t worried, stating, “As my dad said, ‘I refuse to be outsmarted by an inanimate object.’ I don’t think it’s ever gonna outsmart us.”

As the debate on AI rages on, it’s clear that Americans have varying opinions on the matter. While some believe it will revolutionize society for the better, others fear the unintended consequences of widespread AI adoption.

With this division in mind, it’s crucial for policymakers and the tech industry to carefully weigh the pros and cons before fully embracing AI technology.

Source Fox News