Too many cities on the Left Coast are run by crazy people.

I don’t mean that their political leaders are clinically insane (I don’t have access to their medical records to verify that), but if the definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results,” then the actions these people keep taking are insane.

Take Portland, Oregon (to paraphrase comedian Henny Youngman, “Please, take it.”). This city on the politically left west coast of the U.S. has been hammered with Antifa riots for well over a year now with no end in sight.

So, what do the politicians there do? They called for defunding of police departments, and, after that, they called to remove qualified immunity for police officers which means that police officers could be charged with crimes for actions taken during the line of duty (hat tip to here for that detail).

Once they did that, they found a member of Portland’s Rapid Response Team and charged him for using a baton while working to contain and riot (hat tip to here for that lead). Never mind this little detail provided by

Wednesday, Portland Police Association Executive Director, Daryl Turner told the Lars Larson Show that he feared officers would quit in response to what he called a “Witch Hunt” of a prosecution. In its own investigation the Portland Police Bureau determined no wrongdoing by the officer.  He did not violate training or department rules. He did his job within the scope of the law.

That’s right, this guy didn’t violate his training or department rules. He did his job, and, now, he is being charged for doing his job.

So, what was the response from within the police department? Again, from

FM News 101 learned late Wednesday night that in response to the criminal indictment of Officer Corey Budworth, the bureaus entire Rapid Response Team resigned.  Sources with the Police Bureau say the team voted unanimously to disband.

Yep, the rest of their Rapid Response Team, their “riot squad,” resigned.

You may wonder how Portland is going to respond to the continued Antifa riots. It’s a great question. Here is the answer:

That’s right, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was literally begging the team not to resign. It’s a little late for that now, though, isn’t it? Should have thought about that before you let this situation get out of control on both the side of Antifa rioters and with a crazy District Attorney who was on a witch hunt.

And there are those who wonder why people are leaving politically left states. The story above is a perfect example of why.




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