You WON’T Believe Who’s Getting Massive Cheers at UFC Events

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White has spoken about the incredible reaction that former President Donald Trump received when he appeared at a recent UFC event in Miami.

Appearing on the Fox News show “Unfiltered” with host Dan Bongino, White described the incredible reception that Trump received when he made a surprise appearance at the event.

White said, “When you’re walking with Trump, it’s a whole ‘nother level, man. The entire place erupted. Everybody was going crazy, and it was fun.”

Trump entered the arena with White and sat in the front row alongside Mike Tyson, Kid Rock, and other celebrities. White also took a swipe at “woke” culture and said that the UFC’s decisions during COVID lockdowns helped it stay viable.

The UFC president said that his company was the first to fill arenas again after the lockdowns. He added, “When all the COVID bans were being lifted, it grew our business, I don’t know, like 70% or something like that because we were the only thing to watch.”