You Won’t BELIEVE Who’s Disgusted With The NBA’s Evolution

Legendary coach Phil Jackson has had enough of the “woke” politics being injected into professional basketball. As the NBA promoted “BLM” slogans during the 2020 “bubble” year, Jackson found himself turned off from the sport he once loved.

The Hall-of-Fame coach expressed his disapproval, stating that he “doesn’t like basketball’s evolution” and that he no longer watches the game.

According to Jackson, the NBA’s overtly political messaging was “wanky” and even his grandchildren found it amusing to mock the slogans. The former coach believes that the league’s attempt to cater to a specific audience ultimately ended up alienating others who simply wanted to watch sports without being confronted by political agendas. He emphasized that politics should stay out of the game.

LeBron James, the face of the NBA’s “woke” politics, has been an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump and is heavily involved in political activism.

However, Jackson’s opinion is more aligned with that of legendary NBA champion Michael Jordan, who famously said, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” Both Jordan and Jackson seem to agree that politics should not have a place in the world of sports.