You Won’t Believe Who’s Disagreeing With Their Party’s Decision

South Carolina GOP Rep. Nancy Mace has announced her opposition to the debt ceiling deal negotiated between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden. Mace believes the bipartisan package normalizes excessive spending and fails to address the alarming growth of the government.

She criticizes the deal for suspending the debt limit entirely until 2025 without any real cap. Mace also highlights the flaws in the Pay-As-You-Go provision and emphasizes the need for Congress to reduce spending.


  1. Mace opposes the debt ceiling deal due to its normalization of excessive spending levels.
  2. The agreement fails to address the alarming growth of the government, which was intended to be emergency funding during the COVID crisis.
  3. The debt ceiling deal suspends the debt limit entirely until 2025 without establishing a true cap.
  4. Mace points out flaws in the Pay-As-You-Go provision, which undermines its effectiveness.
    Responsible spending and accountability in Washington are essential to secure a prosperous future.

The principled stance taken by Rep. Nancy Mace against the debt ceiling deal deserves commendation. Her opposition to this flawed agreement reflects the concerns of many Republicans who understand the need for responsible fiscal management.

By refusing to play the destructive games in Washington, Mace is standing up for the interests of the American people and future generations. It is imperative for Republicans to unite against this bill and demand change, ensuring that hard-earned taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and that our nation’s financial stability is preserved.

Source Fox News