You WON’T Believe What Liberal Elites Have Cooked Up This Time, This ISN’T Acceptable

Attention all Republicans! Former Black Lives Matter activist and current PragerU personality, Xavier DuRousseau, has blown the whistle on San Francisco’s reparations plan during an interview on “The Ingraham Angle.”

DuRousseau called out the city’s support for reparations as nothing more than manipulative social justice “virtue-signaling.”

According to Du Rousseau, this plan is a deliberate attempt to deceive Black Americans into believing they need government assistance to succeed.

He acknowledged having once been swayed by the left’s misleading narrative but experienced a change of heart after learning the truth on

Host Laura Ingraham brought up the unrealistic promises of money, property, and debt forgiveness that San Francisco officials have made to potential beneficiaries. She questioned if these promises would ultimately harm the city.

DuRousseau concurred, stating that the plan is far-fetched and will likely never materialize.

The former BLM activist discussed the controversial $5 million set aside for each Black family. However, he emphasized that the most absurd part of the proposal is the plan to sell homes to Black Americans for a mere $1.

DuRousseau expressed his dismay that the city is prioritizing slavery, which ended in 1865, over addressing the plight of homeless veterans in 2023.

Ingraham remarked that those who endorse reparations often don’t want to finance their costly proposals. DuRousseau agreed, explaining that White liberals demand reparations but wouldn’t contribute personally.

He argued that these activists are more concerned with appearing virtuous and profiting from others’ suffering.

In conclusion, DuRousseau accused pro-reparations and BLM activists of exploiting Black people by promoting a victim mentality for their own financial gain.

This revealing interview highlights the deceptive tactics used by the left and underscores the need for vigilance in our pursuit of truth and justice.