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Someones going to be in big trouble for this….

We all suspected it for a long time, now it’s evident. 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden is so mentally frail the he was just caught on camera reading off of a script during a livestream with his new VP pick Kamala Harris.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Biden appeared to be reading off of a prewritten script while also holding his phone upside down.

Then to make matters worse MSNBC covered up the script when putting it on air!

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. Biden didn’t have the ability to select his VP so it was done for him. She utterly dripped of sweetness in her praise of his sons Beau and Hunter and thus the praise of Joe as a loving devoted father. Don’t know much about Beau, but Hunter is as corrupt as the day is long as is the rest of the Biden family. Joe supports China because the family got rich off China. The whole family is more about self enrichment than the welfare of we the people.

  2. This is a good going folks , recreational marijuana legalized in many states , criminals cut in criminal acts free without bond. Pedophiles located close to schools, BML delinquents,and antifa terrorists allow to burn police buildings and bussines ,police force being almost eliminated by their city leaders and now a pervert mentally challenged liar as a possible next president with an ambitious nasty whore as a VP/president soon, that is what we really want for our children, really?, well at least I will not be a participant of any of what is coming to the USA , from raising taxes to law abiding citizens to protect the thugs and criminals to a point tha if any politician ever react to this it will be to late for a peaceful solution, blood will run plenty on the city streets and that is what many of us the people are colaborating to have in a near future, SAD.


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