You WON’T Believe the Extent of This Political Scandal

The Biden family corruption scandal is a grave threat to our nation. Joe Biden’s history as a serial liar and fabulist is well-documented and has only continued during his time in office. Biden’s repeated denials of involvement in his son Hunter’s overseas business dealings are patently false, as evidenced by a trove of indisputable evidence.

Recently, Fox News uncovered records that show Hunter’s associates made more than 80 visits to the White House during his father’s tenure as vice president.

Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed his son’s business dealings with him defies logic and common sense. Emails, photographs, and authenticated messages confirm that Joe Biden was aware of and even participated in his son’s illicit schemes.

The Biden family’s foreign dealings raise grave concerns about national security and the potential extortion of our current president. The fact that Hunter’s only marketable skill was being the scion of a top U.S. government official highlights the predatory scam that he and his family have perpetrated. As the old saying goes, “Like father, like son.”

Republican-led congressional committees are now investigating what Democrats refused to probe. The FBI and Department of Justice have not done their due diligence in investigating the Biden family’s corruption scandal, and it is clear that they are running interference for the Bidens.

The key to unlocking corruption and cover-up is to follow the money. Examining the suspicious activity reports that banks flagged to the criminal division at the Treasury Department is a good start. The role of Congress is vital because it is increasingly clear that much of the government bureaucracy is aligned in solidarity to protect the president and his family.

The accumulated evidence of wrongdoing is overwhelming, and it is time for the truth to be unraveled. Joe Biden’s lies and corruption pose a grave threat to our nation, and it is up to us as passionate Republican voters to demand accountability and justice.