You Won’t BELIEVE Biden’s New Attack On Our Energy Supply

Hey, fellow 12th graders! Did you know that President Joe Biden and his administration want to turn off the lights on America? That’s right! They want to eliminate fossil fuels from our energy supply and shut down half of our electric power plants. Can you imagine not being able to charge your phone or keep your house warm at night? That’s what could happen if we don’t stand up and fight against their radical climate change agenda.

Their plan to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions will force most of our gas- and coal-fired plants to be technologically incapable of complying. This means that we won’t have enough electricity to power everything we need. We could even have blackouts and brownouts, just like in Third World countries.

But it’s not just about electricity. Their plan will also result in much higher utility bills for Americans. That means that we’ll have to pay more just to keep the lights on and charge our phones.

And all of this is not about the environment or the well-being of the American people. It’s about pushing their socialist agenda and eliminating the American free enterprise system. We cannot let them turn off the lights on America.

We need to stand up and fight for our American way of life. We need to preserve our energy supply and protect our American free enterprise system. Don’t let them take away our ability to cook our food and keep us warm at night. Don’t let them turn off the lights on America.

Source Fox News