I find it endlessly fascinating to see political liberals scrambling to fix a problem that they created by implementing policies that they pushed on us. Frankly, the main reason that I find it fascinating is that liberals seem shocked and confused at the outcome when the truth is that even a little bit of forethought would have made this outcome obvious before they even implemented the initial policy.

Of course, then, again, if liberals thought through the policies that they advocate, they’d end up as conservatives because that seems to be the defining difference between the two groups. Both liberals and conservatives want people treated well and fairly and government to do things for the best outcome for the most people. But liberals completely miss human nature and the obvious outcomes of their policies.

And, just to be clear, while this same criticism applies to Biden’s immigration policy, that’s not what we’re talking about. No, we’re talking about leftist politicians’ hostility toward police. Petr Svab writes,

The largest police departments in the United States have seen a steady decline in officers over the past year and a half amid the CCP virus pandemic and a rash of anti-police activism.

The top three police departments in the country have lost thousands of officers since 2019, driven by an increase in retirements and resignations on top of recruiting woes. Reports of officers leaving in droves have been coming from other major jurisdictions as well.

Meanwhile, those cities have seen a significant uptick in murders and shootings.

Now, which three police departments is Svab referencing? New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

None of these should be the slightest surprise, but, now, politicians and bureaucrats in all three cities are scrambling to try to fill those vacancies.

Good luck with that. Until they start treating police with respect, police will continue to avoid working there, and this situation is likely to get worse.




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