Who’s Launching an Assault on a Governor’s Record, You Need To See This

Donald Trump’s attacks on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continue, with the former president now claiming that the state is a high-tax hellhole. However, these claims are being called into question by many, including Wall Street Journal columnist Kim Strassel, who points out that DeSantis won a landslide re-election victory last fall, and that hundreds of thousands of people have moved to Florida in recent years.

While it’s not unusual for governors to face attacks when running for national office, DeSantis has yet to respond directly to Trump’s latest claims. The head of his Super PAC, Never Back Down, did offer to pay for Trump to move to California so he can be closer to his “good buddy” Gavin Newsom.

Trump’s sudden dark view of Florida is raising eyebrows, especially since many grandparents (and parents) continue to move to the state or become snowbirds for the winter.

While Trump’s criticisms of DeSantis’ record are fair game, his efforts to convince people that Florida is a disaster are not holding up under scrutiny.

source https://www.foxnews.com/media/trump-declares-war-florida-heated-attempt-tarnish-desantis