What They’re Not Telling You About The Latest Congressional Drama

During a televised hearing focused on IRS whistleblower testimonies in Hunter Biden’s criminal investigation, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., caused a stir by displaying censored nude photos of Hunter Biden engaged in sexual acts with multiple women.

The incident was quickly condemned by Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, who called on the committee’s chairman to reprimand Greene for what he perceived as an irrelevant and undignified display.

Greene defended her actions, arguing that Hunter Biden is a public figure and that the images were crucial in highlighting his alleged misuse of funds. Republicans in the GOP-led House supported Greene, dismissing the call for reprimand and expressing concerns about Hunter Biden’s involvement in potentially illegal activities.

IRS special agent Joseph Ziegler refrained from directly confirming Greene’s claims but acknowledged certain write-offs that seemed related to sex workers. Additionally, a write-off for a “”golf membership”” was discovered to be linked to a “”sex club.””

In response to the controversy, one of Hunter Biden’s attorneys requested an ethics investigation into Greene’s actions, and a resolution to censure her was introduced by Rep. Becca Balint, D-Vt.

The incident has ignited a fierce debate between Democrats and Republicans, with both sides passionately defending their positions. As the investigation into Hunter Biden’s affairs continues, the nation watches closely to see how this controversy unfolds.

Source Fox News