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Liberals can’t hide the truth forever…

Democrats and the media are trying to make President Donald Trump’s tweets criticizing Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the problems plaguing the district he represents about race, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) sees Trump’s tweet as serving an “important” purpose.

Brooks suggested it was vital to point out the failings of Democratic Party governance so that it doesn’t take hold in the rest of the country, which he said Trump’s tweets do in part.

“I think it is important for us to emphasize, and I don’t know why the Democrats have gotten a free pass for so long, but it is important for us to emphasize how badly different parts of the United States are doing,” Brooks said. “And coincidentally, they happen to be areas that are governed by Democrats and have been governed by Democrats for ages – many, many decades, some as long as 50 to 60 years. And that is a microcosm of what happens when you raise taxes so high that you can’t afford to live there. When you can’t afford to live there, you also lose jobs – you lose industry, you lose manufacturing, which means more and more people aren’t working for a living. Rather, they’re voting for a living. They’re living off welfare. They’re in a much lower income status when they should be in these big cities in high-income status.”

“And basically, over time you’re seeing the major deterioration of a lot of major American cities like Detroit, like Baltimore, like inner-city New York, like Washington, D.C., although that has a little artificial bump from the federal government stimulus with all of the spending we have there,” he continued. “But you can go down from the East Coast to the West Coast, and you can see what a failure the Democratic government philosophy is. And we don’t want that same thing to happen to the United States of America. So, I don’t mind at all President Trump, although he does it in a way I prefer he not do it – I would prefer he do it in a much more diplomatic way. But by golly, he is getting the message out slowly but surely that the whole United States is going to go this direction if we let these people and their belief system govern the United States like they’ve governed Baltimore and many other inner cities.”

“That’s what the Democrats say to anything,” Brooks said. “If you say anything that is a disagreement with a person who is not caucasian, the knee-jerk reaction of the Democrats is to yell ‘racism.’ Now, unfortunately, that has been a political strategy that has been met with some success because it helps the Democrats garner a block vote with minorities. And that block vote, in turn, helps them win elections. It is easy for a voter to see skin pigmentation, to see ethnicity and to say, ‘Gosh, I’m different than somebody else.’”

“And then to hear these people who purportedly have a good reputation, although in fact they don’t – but purportedly they do – saying, ‘Over there that that group is racist. Don’t vote for them,’” he added. “That’s a simple emotional type of motivation on how to vote as opposed to doing the hard thing – just looking at public policy issues and trying to figure out which philosophy of government works best for the people of the United States of America. It makes our challenge a little more daunting, but you can expect Democrats between now and 2020’s election, now and 2022’s elections to holler ‘racism’ every single chance they can regardless if there is merit to that charge because that is what they’re taught in their Democratic Party candidate school.”



  1. Is it racist to try to help people? Trump pointing to the problem is going to do exactly that. It would also help to keep track of all the money that is missing? If money solved problems the US would be problem free a long time ago.

  2. They asked Why the Democrats have been getting away with this crap ? Well the Answer is because the Republicans have been and still are Passive when it comes to Standing Up to them! Until President Trump came along They just stayed in the Shadows and Allowed the Democrats to do whatever they wanted. For the most part they Still DO, The Majority of them don’t have President Trumps Back and that’s hurting Our Party. They really need to Step Up and start Doing there Jobs too, by that I mean Go after the Democrats and Go Hard on the Issues that we need to Secure our Borders and Defend Our Freedom and Stand Up to these Democrats and Put them in their Places like Prison for those involved in the Crimes against President Trump and The American Citizens! We must remove these Democrats from Office and replace them with Republicans who Care about America and the American Citizens and Our Constitutional Rights!!


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