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The FBI has released files that shed light on the disaster that was the management in charge of Hillary Clinton’s personal email-server. The new details include the lack luster response from Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin. 

When Abedin heard that a hacker had attempted to breach Hillary’s server in 2011, she expressed her shock in a surprisingly subdued reply of “omg.”

That on its own may not be enough to condemn her, but her following action surely is. The new files reveal that she waited nearly 12 hours after finding out before informing key State Department staff not to e-mail “anything sensitive” to Hillary.

Hackers had an additional 12 HOURS after being found out to complete their business before Abedin acted. Which seems like more than enough time to do whatever damage they set out to initiate. 

Thankfully Hillary lost in 2016 and we don’t have to worry about these kinds of oversights happening in the current administration. 



  1. I wish all of this would end, the clintons still have a chance to make things right, but the greed is recognized, Trump will be the hero in the end.
    Mrs. clinton, knows what to do, but GREED, will prevail.

  2. Abedin waited 12 hours, well i guess that was long enough for the Muslim Brotherhood to hack any and all classified information they wanted from the Clinton emails

  3. Huma Abedin is a Muslim, and it is in the interest of the Muslim cause that she delayed doing anything about the hacking of the email account…that way her cohorts would have the necessary time to get the data they so desperately needed. Now…what are the authorities going to do about Huma Abedin???
    Does she go free to do her dirty work elsewhere??? or… are said authorities going to bring her to account for her deliberate actions??? OMG indeed!!!

  4. if Clinton would have won the president,there would not have been 1 word,out of the demonrats mouth to prosecute her,the demonrats is lyers ,cheaters,murders, Trump is the right president,vote trump 2020,

  5. Here it is again there was sensitive information on her private server. Why isn`t this poor excuse of a Secretary of State behind bars for treason? This is a hanging offense and the people that protected her deserve the same fate. If there was ever a time a grand jury should be working overtime it`s now.


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