Many Americans, mostly politically conservative but, also, some liberals, believe that massive election fraud occurred in the November 2020 Presidential election and the January 2021 runoff elections. Testimonies from a number of individuals, both poll workers and observers, along with video evidence, in some cases, make it clear in the minds of many people that the most recent election was stolen outright.

One of those states that saw allegations of massive and outright fraud is the State of Georgia, especially in metro-Atlanta’s Fulton County. But something is happening, now, in Fulton County, and we may finally get to the truth of what happened. Zachary Stieber writes,

Several election workers in Fulton County, Georgia are scheduled to be deposed in the coming days in a lawsuit that alleges thousands of fraudulent ballots were scanned in Atlanta on Election Night in 2020.

Ruby Freeman, her daughter Wandrea Moss, Caryn Ficklin, and Keisha Dixon were served with notices to appear for depositions in the case, according to court records.

Freeman and Moss were two of the workers in the absentee ballot counting room in State Farm Arena when ballots were processed for some time on Nov. 3, 2020, with no observers, including no state election monitor.

Ruby Freeman is scheduled to be deposed on June 11. She was advised to bring a thumb drive containing images of all communications she made between Jan. 1, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2020, regarding the presidential election, according to a court document obtained by The Epoch Times. The communications include messages sent on cellphones, via email, on SnapChat, and over Facebook.

She was also told to bring all electronic devices that she utilized over the same timeframe.

Moss was given similar orders. She is slated to appear on June 10.

Dixon helped register voters while Ficklin works for the county.

Robert Cheeley, who is representing some of the plaintiffs in the case, asked for the depositions. Cheeley did not return repeated requests for comment, including a message left at his office with a secretary.

A Fulton County spokesperson declined to comment.

Will the lawyers find out anything while these three are under oath? I have no way of knowing, but it’s possible that this whole sham may finally explode in Democrats’ faces.

It may be time to pop up some popcorn and watch the show. This could be fun.



  1. And ALL will plead guilty and the Democratic Party will claim ‘Victory!’ They will rejoice saying ‘See. We can cheat on an election and get off Scott free.’

      RED DAWN ) will wind up in the re-education camps being planned by Joe Biden’s HANDLERS.

  2. But, America would still be saddled with the illegal biden/harris and democrat control freaks~!
    What I would be interested in, is why hasn’t harris’s Constitutioal eligibility been in focus, neither of her parents were U.S. citizens.=, and being a mis-applied 14th Amendment citizen is also ineligible, plus there is a question of was she required to become a Canadian citizen while living in Canada and going all through school to hgh school, er mother became a Canadian citizen and harris may have had to when she became 18years of age…. who vetted her, nobody, obama was the only illegal vetted~~~~ By Nancy Pelosi, illegally!

    • None of the communists in charge at the time worried about Barry’s being registered as foreign born on school records —-why the hell should they do so now, UNLESS THEY FEEL THE HEAT?

    • No worries, when the time comes Biden and Harris will both be put to death after their military tribunal for TREASON. Like I said below, they better start getting their affairs in order

  3. Wait till Arizona’s ballot audit is finished. We will probably see another case of massive fraud. Unfortunately, the election cannot be overturned. But it will have states look at their election laws to see that this kind of corruption cannot happen again.

  4. There are Two possibilities i see unless Our Supreme Court gets it together and actually looks at the EVIDENCE We may just become a communist colony–AWAKE as the other possibility would be like the one that resulted in 1860’s civil War—where only the bankers that lent money at interest WON.

  5. Everyone beleve’s that this election can’t be overturned, even if we find huge corruption got this corrupt “father of an artist” in our Oval Office to trainwreck our country. I’m not so sure?

    • It can be overturned. The constitution, article 2 gives the states plenary authority to recall their electors votes. For those who do not know, plenary means absolute. The election WILL be overturned. Thats when the arrests for treason and crimes against humanity start.

  6. When fraud is substantiated, may we please come together as Americans and begin healing? If not,
    and if we do not get the WOKE crap out of our schools, All schools, and especially colleges, will lead
    us to communism. Communism, in this, the greatest social experiment ever to be found by Man, will be vanquished and our grand children will be speaking Mandarin. The communist will have won without ever
    having fired a shot. WAKE UP and TAKE UP ARMS to protect our precious Freedoms.

  7. Steve Bannon told Raffensburger to get a lawyer, a criminal lawyer because he is in big trouble when the election fraud in his state comes out. I would suggest he get his affairs in order because he will be arrested for TREASON and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. He is a complete scumbag and his constant denial of the election fraud in his state is gonna get his ass roasted. I wonder if he knows that the penalty for treason is death by firing squad or hanging. He better come to his senses soon.


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