Wow. Sometimes you come across news stories, and your first response is to think, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

This is one of those stories.

Now, in case you haven’t heard, another African-American man, this one named Winston Smith, was shot by law enforcement officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yes, within weeks of the Derek Chauvin verdict. What could wrong?

So, of course, “social justice warriors” in Minneapolis got the entire narrative wrong by pretending that they were protesting for an innocent victim of police violence (or, if we’re being charitable, assuming that he was innocent, maybe due to his ethnicity). Cardinal Pritchard writes,

So on Thursday afternoon in Minneapolis a US Marshall Service taskforce was trying to arrest a murder suspect who was wanted on a state arrest warrant for possession of a firearm by a felon.

They found the dude in a parked car, and he did not follow commands. Instead, he pulled out a handgun. Members of the taskforce fired shots once the handgun was pulled, and the man died at the scene.

Is it tragic that Smith died? Yes, absolutely. Was he an innocent victim? It certainly doesn’t sound that way. But, hey, when you’re a social justice warrior, you can’t be bothered with annoying little things like the truth or, even, remembering why you’re rioting “peacefully protesting.”

Think I’m joking? Then, watch the video in this tweet from The Post Millennial (language warning):

Did you watch that? This clown, who keeps telling us to remember Smith’s name, couldn’t remember Smith’s name until the interviewer fed it to him.

Sounds like he was really serious about protesting for justice for… um… some guy… who… uh… you know… justice!

Look, let’s just stop pretending. These “social justice” protests are nothing but an excuse for bored kids and political agitators to destroy things for fun under the excuse that they’re “protesting” for justice. They’re doing nothing of the sort. They’re just obnoxious punks who weren’t spanked enough as children and want to take it out on the world.




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