I don’t think that CNN host Don Lemon (the guy who thinks that everything is racist) knew what he was getting into when he started this conversation with Columbia University professor John McWhorter.

Now, if you’re not familiar with McWhorter, he is an African-American gentleman whose Twitter bio says that he is a “Linguist at Columbia, Slate’s Lexicon Valley, Contributing Ed. at the Atlantic.” and goes on to list a few of his books. His wikipedia page says that, currently, he has published twenty-three books most which appear to be about linguistics, but a few appear (based on their titles) to be about the African-American experience in America. Certainly, the man is a prolific writer.

He also doesn’t have any problem saying things that make leftists, like Don Lemon, stare like a deer in the headlights in horror as McWhorter takes apart a pet leftist cause brick by brick in a logical manner. Michael Knowles shares part of that CNN interview and comments on it, and you can see that below.

Why hasn’t anyone already said this before?

I don’t know the answer to that, but bravo to John McWhorter for saying what I’ve never heard said anywhere else: We don’t need reparations for slavery paid to African-Americans in America, and it’s not because we’re greedy and mean. No, we don’t need to pay reparations to African-Americans because reparations have already been paid to them, and those reparations failed to help elevate the economic outcomes of the black community.

In other words, reparations have been tried but failed. If we really want to help black folks in America to have similar economic outcomes to Caucasian folks, then, maybe, we should look deeper to find the real problem and try to solve that.

But I doubt that we’ll see that happen because, then, no one could play victim, and the left couldn’t blame old white men for that particular problem that they see. And, if you’re a Democrat, you don’t want to let a political gold mine slip out of your fingers, do you?



  1. “Only the LAZY” you know the music! would want reparations!
    No one has had to push a plow to raise cotton, behind a mule in many many years!
    Many a lazy would rather take the measly government pittance, food stamps, cheese and bread, and keep complaining, because it is more important to them to blame “whitey”, that to go to work! Another example just decided that he would not work, for himself or anybody else, and voice his displeasure at the whole apparachik. Socialism at its best! But then, when there is nore money coming from anybody………
    The demonrats have always treated the colored masses as slaves. Their lies were better than the “go to work” the Conservatives were pushing! What scares me the most is all those blacks who push the demonrat lies, like “””stacey abrams”””, about the Jim Crow crap! sharpton, and all the blacks on the left, still believe the demonrat lies, and revere biden, BYRD’s protegee!
    I cannot fathom the stupidity of the black demography! I KNOW blacks are intelligent!!!
    How can they be led by the tip of the nose into that noose the left is creating for them?


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