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Republican Representative Matt Gaetz took time this week to head down to the border and show America the progress that is taking place there. 

In the video Gaetz goes over some of the specifications of a newly constructed border segment while discussing arguments that Republicans need to win against Congress.

Gaetz asserts that Congress needs to understand that the situation at the border absolutely IS a crisis but that it can be solved.

See for yourself in the video below:



  1. Somebody needs to challenge in the Supreme Court, the use of ISIS fighting aka Sharia Fighters as Congress members because the Muslim Sharia Ideology is to convert all non-Muslims using fear such as rape, enslavement, Maiming by dismemberment or killing through wars or Decapitation in Public Places.Nancy Pelosi apparently, in order to satisfy her obsession for Power, is pushing to become the “USA Calif” to lead the Muslim, IRAN backed, ISIS (Sharia) fighters packed waiting to invade the USA just like they attacked the boarders in the Mid-East.
    The above is real! It has already started. It is confusing because the Sharia is an integral part of the Muslim Religion. And the ruling to exclude it from the Muslim Religion can only be made by the Supreme Court here in the USA. President Trump’s attempt to ban the Sharia nations from dealing with the ISIS Fighters being allowed into the USA was Over ruled by Obama Judges and Pelosi’s Congress encouraging Sharia Muslims entry into the USA Congress. And its ISIS Fighters at our Boarders.
    Whoever is responsible to bring this Sharia Ideology to the Supreme Court must act now! Obama’s Judges claimed they would resolve this matter in two days. That was 2 years ago!
    Who is the brave Republican to Start the Investigation either by a Congress-member a Senator or by President Trump as the Responsible Party for Federal Judges.This single Problem is bigger than the upcoming election as it will start instead of waiting for 2 years for elections.


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