Sometimes, with all of the craziness and nonsense pushed by the left-wing mainstream media in America and their cohorts in Congress and in the White House, you just need a good laugh.

I certainly got a good laugh out of this.

Now, full disclosure, I don’t know who Jordan Orris is and was completely unfamiliar with him before Joel Abbott gave me the heads up about this video. To continue that disclosure, I don’t know anything about Orris except this video and his Twitter bio which reads, “Jesus Follower | #vegasborn | conservative political fundraiser | @cww_ffl Columnist | @accdmv VP | lover of the 10th Amendment and SEC football (#WarEagle)”.

Having said that, if I ever meet this guy in person, I’m going to shake his hand and thank him for making my day. You may find that you want to do that, too. Here’s the video that he posted of what it would be like if your car’s GPS were reprogrammed so that the voice was Donald Trump. Watch, listen, and laugh:

Did you see that? This guy doesn’t look a thing like Trump, but he absolutely nailed Trump’s voice, mannerisms, and turns of phrase.

And, then, his swipes at liberals, leftists, Bernie Sanders, Jen Psaki, and Joe Biden are too perfect!

“If you reached Bernie Sanders, you’ve gone too far left, okay? If you reach Bernie, you’ve gone too far.”

“We’re going to make a u-turn, okay? We’re going to make a u-turn, turn around, or, as Jen Psaki likes to say, ‘We’re to circle back.'”

“We are more lost than a liberal after reading the Constitution. We’re more lost than Sleepy Joe after leaving his basement.”

I admit it, I laughed really hard when I watched this, and I kept laughing every time that I re-watched it (probably another seven or eight times).




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