Some liberals show an unbelievable lack of self-awareness. Just really amazingly blind.

And you know your hypocrisy is massive when a nine year old girl takes you to task for it in the middle of a school board meeting, and her criticisms are right on point.

What am I talking about? Oh, just what happened in a school board meeting in Minnesota recently. Gq Pan writes,

A 9-year-old girl from Minnesota has gone viral online after confronting her local school board, which she said had contradicted its own “no politics” policy by displaying a Black Lives Matter (BLM) poster in a classroom.

The girl, who only identified herself as “Novalee,” is a student at an elementary school in Lakeview Area Schools, which serves the Dakota and Scott Counties in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis. She gained popularity on social media because of a video in which she called on the school district to remove the BLM posters.

Speaking at a June 8 board meeting, the student said she saw posters of BLM and Amanda Gorman on her teacher’s wall at the school. “I was so mad. I was told two weeks ago at this very meeting spot: no politics in school,” she told the board members. “I believed what you said at this meeting.”

The student said she asked her principal to take down the posters, citing a school board policy prohibiting displays of political messages including Black Lives Matter. The principal allegedly refused to remove the posters, and told her that the school board members were the ones who made them.

You can watch the entire video below. It’s a little more than two minutes.

This young girl simply took the school board apart. And it sounds like they deserved it. She called them out for their hypocrisy and demanded that they do the right thing and be consistent by following their own rules.

Basically, she told them to be people of character and not politicians.

We can hope that more American children grow up with this kind of courage and conviction.



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