Unraveling the Biden Family Mysteries, That Will Leave You Speechless

Podcaster Joe Rogan and mixed martial artist Jorge Masvidal recently discussed the scandals surrounding the Biden family in an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

The two were critical of the political establishment, which they felt was ignoring these scandals while targeting former President Trump.

Masvidal praised Trump for defying the establishment, saying, “That’s how you know that he’s doing something right, the one dude that’s fighting for us, that’s actually for the people, they want to crucify him.”

Rogan also criticized Biden, calling him “so old and so compromised.” The host talked about Biden’s political past, suggesting he “was never an impressive guy,” and claimed, “He lied a lot about his record and his education background, he lied about a bunch of things.”

Rogan slammed Biden as a “goofy old politician” who has “been in that lying business forever.”

Masvidal mentioned “the China money that he’s been getting for years, hooking up his son, the computer – denying the computer – when it’s like ‘Bro, you can see it!’” Rogan recalled how the Hunter Biden revelations were heavily restricted and suppressed off of Twitter.

Rogan and Masvidal discussed Biden’s alleged ties to China and Ukraine, with Masvidal claiming that Biden was “getting $10 million from these places where he’s not equipped to have those types of jobs.” Rogan added, “Yes, he was getting money from China and Ukraine. I mean, it’s wild.”

The two also expressed concerns over America’s involvement in foreign conflicts, with Rogan saying, “It’s terrifying to me that the left is the ones that are behind this, encouraging it, when the left was always anti-war.”

Their discussion has gained attention from critics and supporters alike, with some praising their willingness to speak out on controversial topics while others have criticized them for spreading misinformation.

Regardless, their conversation highlights ongoing debates and controversies surrounding the Biden family and their alleged ties to foreign countries.

Source https://www.foxnews.com/media/rogan-calls-joe-biden-lying-business-forever-denying-hunters-laptop-china-money