Joe Biden. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. At least if you’re not an American worker trying to take care of your family. But if you’re a leftist who wants to crush the American economy, then, yes, Biden is a dream come true.

That’s also the case if you’re one of America’s foreign adversaries.

See, Biden’s policies are doing wonders for everyone else (or so it seems) except U.S. workers. But foreign workers, like, say, Russian oil workers? Yeah, Biden is great about helping them. Emel Akan writes,

Russian oil imports have set a new record in the United States despite the strained relationship between Washington and Moscow. Industry experts believe the Biden administration’s climate policies will make the country more dependent on foreign oil producers.

The United States imported record levels of crude oil from Russia in March and is expected to continue importing at high levels in coming months, according to the Western Energy Alliance, a trade association that represents 200 independent natural gas and oil producers in the United States.

Imports of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia reached 22.9 million barrels in March, the highest level since August of 2010, according to International Energy Agency (IEA). Of the total amount, crude oil imports from Russia stood at 6.1 million barrels. Russia has become the third-largest oil exporter to the United States.

High levels of oil shipment from Russia have continued since March, according to ClipperData, a commodity intelligence company that monitors cargo shipments worldwide.

“Last month we saw a record 5.75 million barrels of Russian crude discharged in the US, and we’re projecting a further record this month of 7.5mn bbls,” ClipperData analysts wrote on Twitter on June 7.

Yes, you read that right, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: our beloved Comrade President Biden has set up a situation where American oil jobs are decreasing but Russian oil jobs are booming.

Tell me again how Democrats were concerned about Russian power and influence in the world because Russia is a direct threat to American influence. Yeah, that’s exactly how you defeat them: you make them richer.

Way to go Democrats.




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