At one time in his political career, Joe Biden came across as someone relatively moderate (which is why they put him on the ticket with the radical Obama) if opportunistic in a stereotypical used car salesmen kind of way (no disrespect meant towards used car salesmen by bringing Biden into a comparison with them).

Now, though, Biden is a politician who hasn’t meant a terrible socialist program that he doesn’t like. And Americans are paying the price.

You already know about American jobs being lost by Biden killing off the Keystone XL Pipeline. But, now, it looks like even more American jobs for American workers are not just in limbo, but have been flushed down the toilet. Jack Phillips writes,

The company behind the Keystone XL Pipeline blocked by the Biden administration earlier this year has officially pulled out of the project.

TC Energy, which is based in Calgary, Canada, provided few details as to why it’s pulling out of the project, which was first proposed in 2008 and would carry hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day from Canada into the United States. The firm said construction activities were suspended on President Joe Biden’s first day in office on Jan. 20.

According to a news release, the company said it “will continue to coordinate with regulators, stakeholders, and Indigenous groups to meet its environmental and regulatory commitments and ensure a safe termination of and exit from the Project.”

So, yeah, it appears that Biden got exactly what he wanted out of this whole Keystone XL Pipeline fiasco: he got brownie points with environmentalists for brown-nosing to them, and he killed off more American jobs which will endear him to the socialists and other leftists currently running the Democratic Party.

It’s an utter disaster, and you know who pays the price? The average, hard working American (that would be the people who are the backbone of this country and who are the political conservatives).

This is yet another reason why Joe Biden and company should be thrown out of Washington completely. Despicable.



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