Typically, when people think about the Federal government spying on Americans, they think of the NSA, the National Security Agency. And it’s true that the NSA spies on Americans, supposedly, for our own good (Edward Snowden would disagree on whose benefit it’s actually for).

Still, many Americans have come to tolerate the NSA’s violation of our privacy and our right against illegal search.

But you do have to wonder what’s going on behind the scenes in the deep state to cause the NSA to release emails which implicate another Federal agency in legally dubious spying activities. Zachary Stieber writes,

The National Security Agency (NSA) has agreed to release records on the FBI’s improper spying on thousands of Americans, the secretive agency disclosed in a recent letter.

The agreement may signal a rift between the NSA and the FBI, according to attorney Ty Clevenger.

Clevenger last year filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on behalf of The Transparency Project, a Texas nonprofit, seeking information on the FBI’s improper searches of intelligence databases for information on 16,000 Americans.

The searches violated rules governing how to use the U.S. government’s foreign intelligence information trove, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg, an Obama nominee who currently presides over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, wrote in a 2019 memorandum and order that was declassified last year.

The FBI insisted that the queries for all 16,000 people “were reasonably likely to return foreign-intelligence information or evidence of a crime because [redacted],” Boasberg wrote. But the judge found that position “unsupportable,” apart from searches on just seven of the people.

Well, that’s interesting. With the well documented hard left leaning of a number of people in the FBI’s ranks (remember Hillary’s emails and the refusal to accuse her of breaking the law?), you have to wonder if someone at the NSA sees something coming down the pike, and they’ve decided to set up the FBI for the fall instead of themselves.

I can’t say for sure what’s going on behind the scenes, but this could be interesting to watch as more develops.



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