The motto of the Democrats should be: “If it’s completely wrong to do, then, we should do it.” Or, maybe: “If it puts money in our pockets, then, we should do it no matter who it hurts.” Either motto would be accurate for what the Democrats are trying to do again.

What is it that they’re trying to do? Well, you remember how Republicans in the Senate had the guts to kill off the Democrats attempt to make election integrity a thing of the past across the entire nation? (See here if you don’t remember that.) Well, they’re at it again. Mark Tapscott writes,

On June 23, conservative and Republican strategists warned that Democrats on Capitol Hill will lick their wounds, regroup, and come back later this year with another proposal that will likely be even worse.

The next Democratic effort will use a measure passed by the House in 2019, known as “The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act,” or H.R. 4.

“H.R. 4 is an unconstitutional piece of legislation that would give the federal government veto power over state election integrity laws,” Heritage Action for America Vice President Garrett Bess told The Epoch Times on June 23.

“This Pelosi power grab would alter and weaponize the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to give massive amounts of power to unelected bureaucrats in Washington to take away voter ID and legalize ballot trafficking across the country. No member of Congress should support it,” Bess declared.

Tapscott continues:

Like the defeated S. 1, H.R. 4 would effectively put the Department of Justice (DOJ) in control of future presidential and congressional elections, according to constitutional lawyer Hans von Spakovsky of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The Lewis Act “sounds great until you realize it will be used to achieve partisan political gains rather than prevent racial discrimination,” the Heritage scholar wrote earlier this year in a legislative and legal analysis.

“The real aim is to reverse the 2013 Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder and to give the political allies of Democrats—the radicals who inhabit the career ranks of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Justice Department (where I used to work), and advocacy groups such as the ACLU—control over state election rules,” von Spakovsky wrote.

It “sounds great until you realize it will be used to achieve partisan political gains.” So, on the surface, it sounds like it could be a good idea until you realize what it really does? Yeah, that sounds pretty much like every piece of legislation put forth by Democrats in recent memory.

Democrats need to stop this ridiculous power grab, and the Americans who actually voted for those clowns need to wake up.



  1. More Garbage from the democRATS, what a waste of time & taxpayer money !!! It is never anything good ,in the Public interest , always the democRATS !!!

  2. They are about to loose everything, the truth is on it’s way, President TRUMP will take his rightful place as AMERICANS PRESIDENT. The obiden, harris, election was stolen from the American people by the democrats, deep state, invisible enemies, swamp scum. Beware they will still try to stop the truth from coming out no matter what it takes. It may possibly be total communication blackouts, trouble with the power grid system, caused by cyber attack, something is definitely going to happen to prevent the truth from the American people. If they weren’t panicking, why are they fighting so hard to stop the audits.


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