Joe Biden is a piece of work. Not a good piece of work, mind you. A dilapidated, ailing, sad, pathetic piece of work, but a piece of work nonetheless. (By the way, if you’re not from the South, calling someone a “piece of work” is not a complement. It, basically, means that someone is an extraordinary pain in the behind.)

So, what did Biden do this time? Oh, he just continues to push a failed policy long after anyone could pretend that it was useful. Why? My guess is to buy votes from the economically ignorant (or worse). Tom Ozimek gives us the details:

President Joe Biden said Friday that the supplemental federal pandemic unemployment assistance should terminate in line with its scheduled expiry date in September.

Biden made the remarks while commenting on the Labor Department’s closely watched employment report, which showed U.S. private employers added a modest 559,000 jobs in May—an improvement from April’s sluggish gain but still evidence that many companies are struggling to find enough workers.

Business groups and Republican leaders have blamed business hiring woes on generous unemployment benefits, which they argue have created a disincentive for people to take jobs.

“Biden and Democrats are holding back Americans from reentering the workforce and, therefore, holding back our economy,” said Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.

Dozens of Republican-led states have announced an early end to the $300 weekly federal pandemic unemployment boost before funding for the program is set to expire in September, with many of the states also moving to opt out of other federal pandemic unemployment compensation programs. On June 1, Maryland became the 25th state headed by a Republican governor to say it will terminate the weekly boost, with all states looking to terminate the payments at some point between June 12 and July 13.

If you’ve seen the statistics, then you know that states that are ending these pay-not-to-work schemes early are seeing booms in their economies (they’re mostly Republican states, by the way). But either Biden can’t admit where he was wrong or he’s trying to make the American economy worse.

Take your pick. Neither choice speaks well of him.



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