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They Are Violating The First Amendment…

Social media platform Twitter announced that it will be rolling out a new program to “label” certain politicians’ “vitriolic” tweets, warning users to remain skeptical of their content.

This new policy by Twitter affects lawmakers but it is aimed directly at President Trump.

Twitter will extend the “label” rule to any “verified political candidates and government officials” who have more than 100,000 followers, and is designed, Twitter says, to make its rules against “abusive behavior.”

The president, of course, has something to worry about here. It’s far more likely that Trump will become the target of a flag for “abusive behavior” than any of his Democratic colleagues .



    • Also Facebook. Facebook allows liberals to call Trump and his supporters all kinds of names but put many Conservatives into their Facebook jail for giving, honest opinions. They don’t like for you to answer their ugly accusations. Therefore, I find that Facebook is against the freedom of speech unless it is a liberal.

      • The LIBERAL for over a decade (Obama legacy) has censored conservatives & republicans

        They prefer misinformation for their uninformed base

  1. These two Companies are violating the Constitution and may find themselves out of business. It is time for the stockholders to step up before they take away your right to speak.

    • How are the companies violating the Constitution? Are the companies government agencies?

      You’re taking the wrong approach to the situation. In Blumenthal v. Drudge 1997 the court said that online platforms are immune to defamation suits even if they gave a special platform to certain users. The path is to declare the major social media companies that heavily “censor” their site as publishers rather than mere platform, thus opening them to defamation and other type lawsuits.

    • Actually they are not violating Free Speech. Both site are FREE to use providing that you follow their rules. I am not saying that this is ethical, but it is what it is. The free speech clause in the constitution is to protect the people against the federal government dictating speech.

  2. Bob Dylan sang it in Motopsycho Nightmare, last line, “Without freedom of speech I might be in the Swamp.” Well we have always had this SWAMP with us. Only now that it is fully exposed the reptilian inhabitants frantically slither about to stop their exposure by social media content creators. By any means necessary (BAMN). May they all burn in Hell.

  3. The arrogance of Twitter and Google he’s a really amazing. Do they truly believe that if they silence President Trump that they won’t feel the backlash of the American people and literally destroy their own business. They better not airpor The arrogance of Twitter and Google is a really amazing. Do they truly believe that if they silence President Trump that they won’t feel the backlash of the American people and literally destroy their own business. They Had better not under estimate the American people

  4. Jew owned and operated. Larry Page, Serge Brin and the closet homosexual, Jack Noble. Private companies so they can do pretty much as they like. The three of them are America hating, Trump hating left wing scum

    • I take it you dislike Jews. So as a follower of a Semitic Jew from Nazareth I hope you understand this Herr Strom, “Ich bin Jude!”

      • German Jews and all Europe’s Jews believed thst their fellow citizens woukd not allow HITLER accomplish his extermination of Jews

        Then Germany had over 1,200 camps plus over 15,000 camps in occupied nations

        Dachau, GE, alone killed over 1,300,000 Jews

  5. Socialist Marxist Communist Democrats are our enemies of our Constitutional Republic!

    It’s time to invoke The Articles of Treason in The U.S. Constitution in prosecuting the CEO’s and their employee accomplices for trampling our First Amendment Rights!

    • I suggest you read Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution and U.S. Code Title 18, Crimes & Criminal Procedure Part I, Crimes Chapter 115, Treason, Sedition, & Subversive Activities Section 2381, Treason.

      The definition of treason is VERY specific. Violating another’s 1st Amendment rights IS NOT treason. They’re other laws that govern such conduct that can and should be used.

  6. Holy cra p! “Conservatives that are supposed to KNOW the Constitution don’t know the first amendment protects against GOVERNMENT censorship. It is about protecting private citizens from government censorship. If the first amendment was about policing private enterprise, Fox ” News” would be off the air. And why isn’t this site allowing anything progressive on it?

      • Actually, it’s you who is benighted. The Bill of Rights only restricts GOVERNMENT from interfering in people’s natural rights. But then do you believe the Bill of Rights gives us rights?

        A conservative constitutionalist.

  7. It’s fine, let them do it. All the more reason for President Donald J. Trump OUR 45th DULY ELECTED President of The United States of America sign and executive order stripping them of their tax exempt status as a neutral public forum. This is already in the works as Google has already had to testify in Washington D.C. over it’s own political bias.

    • I see we have another supposed conservative who’s quite inerudite when it comes to the Constitution. The President doesn’t have the authority to revoke tax code exemptions. That by law is up to the IRS and the courts.

      But it seems you favor some form of tyranny like most liberals, progressives, and socialists do. Could it be that you’re a liberal agent provocateur trying to make conservatives look bad>

  8. So they are going to be filters? Who is going to filter the filterers? This is ridiculous in today’s world. The thought police need to go away or be forced to register as part of a political party, which they are.

  9. When did Twitter become a Marxist Rubberstamp? They would destroy the Constitution if they can. This is a Free Speech issue and when they censor a President they are no longer acting in the Nation or Peoples best interest but like a whore!!

  10. Social media needs to be Banned all together ,it’s done nothing but cause people to spew Hate ,it’s not served any good purpose except prove how many people can act like total Idiots and show the ignorance we still have for each other ,judging each other like we all have the answers to life’s problems ! What ever happened to showing some class and dignity and pride as a Human being ,why even get educated ,take a shower ,why work to give your children a better life if your only going to act worse than animals ? If this is where our World is headed than why even go any further ,let’s just go into the streets with weapons of choice and kill each out ,because this World isn’t worth living in anymore if it continues the way it’s going ! No Laws , No Borders ,No Justice means No America ! I hope to Heavens people will finally stop using these Social Media’s because it’s only making these people Wealthy and we’re getting our Privacy and Freedoms stolen away !

  11. Find another site. Or find a lucky group
    , to create another site. For all of the dissatisfied former Twitter patrons. It would take a group of people to invest in this other location. Rather than just one person.


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