Twitter ERUPTS After Biden’s Controversial Demand, This Demand Is REAL

President Joe Biden’s tweet calling for an assault weapons ban in the United States has been met with strong opposition from Republican voters and gun rights advocates.

Many argue that additional gun control measures will not improve safety and infringe on Second Amendment rights.

While some users have expressed support for Biden’s proposal, the majority of responses have been critical of the idea.


President Biden called for an assault weapons ban on Twitter. Republican voters and gun rights advocates responded with strong opposition.

Ryan Petty, father of a Parkland shooting victim, and defense attorney Marina Medvin criticized the proposal.

Some users voiced support for the ban, but the majority were against it. Female gun owners have also expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s rhetoric.


As Republicans, we must remain vigilant in defending our Second Amendment rights.

It is essential to remember that the Constitution guarantees our right to bear arms, and any attempts to restrict this right should be met with skepticism and resistance.

Rather than focusing on ineffective gun control measures, we should instead prioritize efforts to improve safety and address the root causes of violence in our society.