Democrats will argue that this move is just them being kind to the downtrodden, and, to be fair to them (even though they’re rarely, if ever, fair to us), maybe they actually believe it.

But there is a little idea that liberals really should remember: Taking stuff from people by gunpoint and giving it to other people doesn’t make you generous. It makes you a thief.

And, you never see Democrat politicians, sitting in their nice houses and driving their luxury cars, calling to give more of their own money to charity, do you? That’s because they want you and me to pay for stuff that they’ll take credit for, and they have the government take money from you and me to do that.

To give you today’s rotten move by Democrats, Drew Van Voorhis writes,

California taxpayers will soon be footing the healthcare bill for older illegal immigrants as part of a recently-approved state budget.

The budget deal will guarantee coverage for low-income, undocumented, immigrants older than 50. The plan was initiated by Democrats, who’ve said they want to ensure everyone has healthcare insurance.

The coverage, set to take effect in 2022, will cost taxpayers $1.3 billion per year.

California State Sen. Jim Nielsen said he felt providing healthcare to those living in the country illegally was one of the most egregious parts of the bill, which Newsom was expected to sign by July 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year.

“Individuals who are illegally in California now will receive [health] benefits equal to a citizen of California. All they had to do is just simply be here, and whether they were of legal status or not makes no difference,” Nielsen told The Epoch Times.

Yes, this is just another example of political liberals being generous with other people’s money. But, as we’ve seen time and time again, this is no surprise. That’s what liberals do after all: they spend other people’s money and take the credit for political purposes and so that they can look good to others.



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