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The Trump administration scored another victory in the fight for secure borders when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in their favor.

Charges where filed against Trump and the Department of Homeland Security in 2017 to halt construction of border wall prototypes.

The 9th Circuit quoted the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act in it’s response, “Under the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRIRA), the Secretary of the DHS has long had the authority ‘to install additional physical barriers and roads … in the vicinity of the United States border.’”

Additionally stating that the DHS has “the authority to waive all legal requirements” as is “‘necessary to ensure expeditious construction’ of those barriers and roads,” according to the 9th Circuit.



  1. I am extremely happy that the 9th circuit court ruled according to the law. BUILD THAT WALL! Mr.President please continue to make America safe AGAIN! With sincere THANKS!

  2. That is really sad. How many Americans are you g to suffer. If Mexico was paying for the As PROMISED, then great. It doesn’t effect everything else. Now all Americans are forced to pay for something that won’t work and the president has created racism and bigotry in a large scale against anyone who looks Hispanic. May those people walk w/ caution.. If Mexico wasn’t gonna pay for the wall, Trump knew this from the beginning, just another lie for him, them maybe it should have been handed to the states. Let them cast a vote to raise thier taxes to pay for thier portion of the wall. That would have been to easy.. So sad, I’m sorry for who are Hispanic, cause whether or not you are legal makes no difference.. You will be targeted by hateful people looking for a reason to maim and murder.. May you all be safe..

    • Regina quit listening to the “fake news reports” There are lies everywhere the news reports them. Inquire with Border agent and let them tell you what they see why they believe the wall is needed. I am American who believes in the security and safety of our nation. The wall does NOT mean those who believe in it are racist. It simply means we lock our doors to keep safe inside from elements outside that would barge on in without being invited and possibly harm us or our families. Our nation as other nations have laws that restrict immigration and these laws should be respected. You are welcome to come in but you must wait IN LINE BEHIND OTHERS WHO ARE AHEAD OF YOU. No cutting in from the back. Our President is protecting our country and I support and thank him. God Bless America!

    • Sorry you are so blind to the facts. I want a safe and secure country for my family . Let me guess without any surprise you are a Democrat liberal. I am sick and tired of illegal aliens costing me and the American taxpayer over $100 BILLION a year, low estimate, to ignore our laws . The vast majority of illegals bring nothing to America to improve our country. Why are you so opposed to a method of security that will protect Americans from crime , drugs and individuals who could care less about our laws and culture. Respect our laws and what they stand for . What part of ” illegal” don’t you still not comprehend? I have no problem with those who want to come to America to become a valued productive part of America. Walls works, Do some research,

    • Regina,

      It appears that every statement in the above paragraph that you said was completely wrong. I think that you need to reevaluate the actual facts instead of just the ones that you wish were true and rethink the whole issue. That way you would know the importance of the court’s ruling today and the approval to finish the wall that is so badly needed to protect our American Citizens.

    • I think your wrong the Nation will save money as it is costing 200 billion a year in credit this is the cost of court, housing and so forth for all of these illegals until trail time. So if the wall costs 7 billion it will save a 100 billion in the first year by stopping the illegals. Get one thing straight the UNITED STATES INC., is bankrupt and there is no money only credit. This is world wide as the entire world is dealing in Federal reserve slave notes, credit. I have lost many friends to drugs and the wall is the only thing which will stop the drug trafficking and child sex slavery ring as well. The racism was here from the beginning and saying President Trump created this issue is stupid and is not correct as well. There is no bigotry or racism in protecting the border and if a liberal want to cry like a baby saying this I have to say you wrong. In a business deal nothing was written in stone and the Mexican government is paying for the wall with higher tax’s do you understand Nafta was changed and America come out and this is where the credit is coming from baba. You are right President Trump did know this the Wall was nothing but semantics. President Trump has lowered tax’s where have you been? The only hateful people who are targeting are people like you talking all this crap and lol you are the one looking for a reason to maim and murder, is it not true a skunk smells it own stink first. WWG1WGA, Trump 2020 all day long…

    • Yes, and I pray that our homeless veterans stay safe, get a roof over their heads, get food stamps, healthcare and anything else they need to survive. Surely, we can take care of them far cheaper than a bunch of illegal immigrants. We owe this to our veterans for our freedom. Let the immigrants come into our country legally as so many have done.

    • Do you really think our trade agreement would have earned that kind of money already ? That’s what trump was talking about,not them just handing over billions today.think about how much it will cost us to feed,shelter,clothe and educate all the families heading fir the border now,we don’t have the funds or the shelters for that many.we need the wall to help slow down drugs being brought in and killing Americans,to stop murders,to stop human trafficking.Dont be so Nieve.They need to come in legally and not bard get in.We put locks on our doors to keep us safe,we build walls for the same reason.

  3. Hundreds of billions are spent every year supporting and sustaining, educating and providing medical care for illegal aliens. Saving that cost would pay for construction of the wall in short order. The racism and bigotry is in your own eyes. Trump wants safety and peace for all Americans. I pray for his success and the protection of the citizens of the United States.

  4. Hey dummy the states don’t have the authority to secure borders. Protecting our borders is one of the responsibilities of the federal government. If you don’t know what you are talking about keep your mouth shut. Undoubtedly you don’t live in a border state. Consider moving to a country you like better.

  5. Thank Your Honor,
    We appreciate your kindness. We hope we will be able to thank you again and again for 6 more years.
    Thank to our Marvelous President and his entire family.
    MAGA!! 2020-2024

  6. Regina, I bet you have a door at your house/apartment …take it out quickly! it’s immoral to have a door!! and let all the “poor” illegals in…be nice Regina! before you feel sorry for the illegals, feel sorry for us, the Americans, because we all are real sorry for you!…you are a Nothing!

  7. last fiqure i heard was 113 BILLION dollars spent for illegal migrants. taxpayer fuunds at work . several articals said 80%+ of migrants end up on welfare your tax s at work and the same %vote dnc is this the real reason the dnc house is so hard at work to prevent the wall? my own opinion is stop ALL welfare for migrants stop all chain and lottery migration birthright citzenship does not cover when child is taken back out of us [texas] dreamers have 2 yrs to get citzenship.. do not release any migrant into the us while waiting decision also several yrs ago the la times and ocregester had a artical on how to get into the us by claiming drugs violance and a few other things to aid there admittance . coyotes were sharing this info with their clients.. just recently ny passed legeslation giving funding to illegals for schools and deniy it to the children of military who parents died on duty[ dncgov and leg

  8. A physical barrier (wall) can slow the flow, but because these illegals cannot be sent back once they step on US soil– that is an extremely serious problem. It won’t matter if you send 10,000 more Border Patrol to the border, these people “know” that they have friends — the “dimocrats” and the 9th Circuit. The only real way to stop the massive immigration and transfer of illiterate, poverty and disease stricken immigrants is to tighten the laws and enforce them. Do not forget that the “deep state” is not just “dimocrats” but also some “repubikans.” The “party hacks” are destroying this country. We need to get back to our Consitutional Republic roots.


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