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This is pathetic.

Recently on CNN, President Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, claimed that Trump’s “rhetoric” and “actions” African-American lives in danger.

According to Breitbart, Cuomo stated, “The kids in the cages he said he didn’t like it. He said it would stop. Then we wound up reporting out information that they were doing just the opposite. That messed with my theory that he knows better and that there is a human being in there, which means there is somebody in there who has compassion, it’s just selective to his own interests. But then I read your book, and you say, ‘No, no, no, I remember the guy dropping the N-word in my house. This is a guy who’s had bigoted feelings.’ I had given him the benefit of the doubt that he was a demagogue, but not a bigot. You’re saying no, you’ve heard him use language and express ideas that are bigoted period.”

Mary Trump replied, “Oh, yeah. To me, that’s one of the least surprising things here. You know, to be frank about it, what’s worse? He is endangering through his rhetoric and through his actions, the lives of African-Americans in this country every day.

Cuomo then asked, “And you think he does so with animus, that he has a problem with black people?”

Mary Trump replied, “Yes, Also, he thinks it will work with his base. It’s operating on both levels.”

You can watch a clip of Trump’s comments here.

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