If you’ve been reading this site for any amount of time, then you know about the witch hunts that Democrats have been involved with to try to punish Donald Trump for telling the truth about Democrat corruption and for beating Hillary Clinton (though some would argue that Hillary’s corruption was what defeated her in 2016 more than Trump at that point in his political career).

What many people don’t realize is that, even after the Russia collusion hoax fell apart, Democrats are still trying to find ways to punish Trump for the sin of disagreeing with leftist politics.

One of the lawsuits, which Trump himself called a witch hunt, came from a District Attorney in Manhattan. You won’t be surprised at all that the DA is a Democrat. Jack Phillips writes,

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance won’t charge former President Donald Trump or the Trump Organization with a crime relating to allegations about “hush money” payments on manipulated real estate values, according to Trump’s lawyer.

Trump attorney Ronald Fischetti told Politico on June 28 that he asked Vance’s team for details about the case, including the possibility of charges being filed.

“We asked, ‘Is there anything else?’” Fischetti told the political news website, referring to the conversation he had with Vance’s office. “They said, ‘No.’”

“It’s crazy that that’s all they had.”

Vance’s team, according to the lawyer, was considering bringing charges against the Trump Organization and individual employees over allegations that they didn’t pay taxes on corporate benefits or perks.

It appears that Vance’s office may still hand down some minor indictments of people in the Trump’s organization which, no doubt, the leftist mainstream media will try to spin to imply that Trump himself is guilty. So, expect to hear that misinformation from your leftist friends on Facebook.

But also understand that Vance would have charged Trump if he could have. What Democrat in this day and age wouldn’t want that on their resume if they could find some kind of possibly credible lie to use as an excuse?




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