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It’s sad how Democrats refuse to see the crisis…

President Donald Trump slammed Democrats for not helping to address the crux of the problem with the crisis on the southern border.

“Our Border Patrol people are not hospital workers, doctors or nurses. The Democrats bad Immigration Laws, which could be easily fixed, are the problem. Great job by Border Patrol, above and beyond,” Trump tweeted. “Many of these illegals aliens are living far better now than where they came from, and in far safer conditions. No matter how good things actually look, even if perfect, the Democrat visitors will act shocked & aghast at how terrible things are. Just Pols. If they really want to fix them, change the Immigration Laws and Loopholes. So easy to do!”

Trump added: “Now, if you really want to fix the Crisis at the Southern Border, both humanitarian and otherwise, tell migrants not to come into our country unless they are willing to do so legally, and hopefully through a system based on Merit. This way we have no problems at all!”



  1. For once I agree with AOC this is a Disgrace! 100k + illegals a month risking their lives to get into these horrific detention centers- so little resources- and now we cannot humanely house all of these illegals.

    So, the only Humane thing to do- is take all those school buses our govt owns, fill them with the now cheap gas thanks to Trump, drive them up to those camp gates- AOC likes to take photo ops with crocodile tears not streaming down her grief-stricken face- march this mass of illegal humanity out the gates, onto the buses, and drive them Safety to the Border – unload them into Mexico and SAVE THESE POOR INNOCENT ILLEGALS FROM OUR EVIL CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!!!

    Thank you, AOC for the incentive to make such necessary changes for and allowing us to show our great compassion so there will never be an illegal forced to drink toilet water again!
    What a great human being you are dear!

  2. Pretty amazing that all of these are happening where there is no crisis? The lunatic left needs to get off their dead arses and do something about our terrible immigration laws, fund the border wall, and provide funds for all of their stupidity.


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