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What does the left have to say now…

President Donald Trump announced that his re-election campaign rally at the SNHU Arena broke the stadium’s previous attendance record, held by rock star Elton John.

The SNHU Arena holds nearly 12,000 people, and was nearly filled to capacity when the U.S. Secret Service closed the doors.

Trump tweeted news about the attendance record shortly after the event was over.

When President Trump entered the arena the crowd broke out to an ear-splitting, raucous welcome that lasted several minutes.

Trump focused on listing the achievements of his administration. “The United States right now has the hottest economy anywhere in the world,” he said. “America is working again, America is winning again, and America is respected again — respected like never before.”



  1. The left is openly trying to talk us into a recession. They do not care that that would hurt millions of people. All the care about is regaining their power. This is shameful behavior for a group that is suppose to be working for what is best for the American people. Good reason to not vote for any of them come 2020. Why would anyone endorse the things they are doing?

    • Of course they are Ken, they did the same thing starting in 2006 when they gained power in the congress and started a massive campaign saying the Economy was going under, it was in the toilet, it was doomed to a recession, and on and on for two years until in Sept of 08 their work paid off and the economy crashed ushering Obama into office. So now when they see an even better Republican president who is outdoing them and has a booming economy their only hope it to tare it down and do all they can to get another recession. They better be careful though, they outdid themselves last time and in 8 yrs Obama was not able to undo the damage they constantly blamed on Bush. Bill Maure a left-wing lunatic recently said – he prays for a recession because he believes (and is right) it is the only way the Dems can win. When his guest said, Yes but that would hurt millions of American – Bill replied – It would be worth it!

      Of course, it would to filthy rich liberals who will not lose their homes, 401ks, life savings, and won’t be able to feed their kids! That is a sacrifice They are willing to Make!
      And they call conservatives Evil!!!

      And for all those not so rich liberal Dems who will ultimately suffer, I am sure you will consider eating cat food in your 80s and having uneducated kids a fortunate result of your loving compassionate party getting the WH. I know you are willing to make that sacrifice too so guys like Bill can have the political victory they desire above the wellbeing of hundreds of millions of us little people!


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