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She’s not coming back from that one…

President Donald Trump ripped former National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Friday, describing her as a “disaster.”

“Susan Rice, who was a disaster to President Obama as National Security Advisor, is now telling us her opinion on what to do in Syria,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump fired back at Rice after she appeared on comedian Bill Maher’s HBO show and criticized his foreign policy decisions in Syria and Iraq.

“ISIS is going to come back,” she predicted.

Trump responded by reminding Rice of Obama’s failure to act in Syria.

“Remember RED LINE IN THE SAND? That was Obama. Millions killed! No thanks Susan, you were a disaster,” he wrote.

Former President Barack Obama famously said the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be a “red line” for a military response, but, ultimately, he did not take action.

Rice responded on Twitter, noting that Trump had given her a “gross” hug during the White House Correspondents’ dinner in 2015.

“Then why did you come up and hug me at 2015 WHCD when I’d never met you (which was totally gross) and whisper in my ear that I had been ‘very unfairly treated’ over Benghazi and ‘was doing a great job for the country’?” she wrote.

Speaking to Maher on Friday, Rice called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “genius” for using America’s political divisions against the country.

“We are now almost like a flesh-eating disease eating ourselves alive,” she said. “I think we have the ability to fix it.”

“Well, we have to stop hating each other,” Maher replied.

“Absolutely,” Rice replied:



    • This Vietnam vet never forgot and Obama and Clinton giving 400 million to Iran for captured media but leaving soldiers on Benghazi strip knowing the would be killed and as pro-Islam Obamas did more for the Mideast and only bankrupt the USA and further divided the race barrier and with Rice lies Clinton and Obama should be in prison as all DNC are anti-Christian and USA only for a corrupt weak idiotic DNC Party.

      Obama and Clinton used you like toilet tissue!!!
      They sent you out with the FICTION about the VIDEO
      and than left you out in the cold!

      YOU ARE A FOOL!!!!

  1. Yes the hate that festers on the left needs to stop Susanne. Let’s not forget that the hate was a culture of the Obama admin of which you were part of. A fraud of a President he caused more damage to this country than I’ve scene in my 67 years. You did your part too with Benghazi and I hope that follows you forever, that you were involved in the murder of four good americans and helped to cover up for Hillary and Obama.

    You’re not in office now, thank God, so shut your mouth. You’ve got no track record to criticize President Trump.

  2. “Can’t we all just get along?” Famous words from Rodney King after the CA riots in which he took part. The answer is, yes, we all could get along if one side would not constantly attack our current president for political reasons. When all that matters is power and politics to a party then it is almost impossible to get along. At some point BOTH sides have to want to do the right thing!

    • Slight correction here – -it is NOT “jail time” for traitors, it IS EXECUTION TIME and long past due. We have to start cleaning out the snake pit SOON and we might as well start right where the fraud and treason began. YES, I do mean with the illegal muslim fraud who squated in the oval office for e-i-g-h-t l-o-n-g years. He and ALL his co-conspiritors should face a firing squad. In fraudbama’s case, unless he PROVES to US he is actually a “legal” citizen of the United States, then he IS an “illegal alien” and NOT a citizen. Therefore, what he did during those eight years is NOT treason, it IS “espionage and sabotage”, as in SPY!! That still requires EXECUTION and NOT jail time.

      • PS- Conviction for treason, or espionage is NOT a “gray” area; it is stark black and white, no exceptions and execution IS the punishment.


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