Donald Trump Jr. is defending Chelsea Clinton after the former first daughter was accosted by far-left activists at a New York University vigil showing respect for victims of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand.

What happened with Clinton?

Video of the incident, which went viral, showed the pro-Muslim students blame Clinton for the massacre. They claimed Clinton’s condemnation of anti-Semitic rhetoric from Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) contributed to the political climate that fueled the massacre.

“This, right here,” an activist angrily yelled at Clinton, pointing to the vigil, “is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words that you put out into the world!”

What did Don Jr. say?

In a rare show of solidarity between the Clintons and Trumps, Don Jr. condemned the activists’ “sickening” actions.

“It’s sickening to see people blame @ChelseaClinton for the NZ attacks because she spoke out against anti-Semitism,” Don Jr. said. “We should all be condemning anti-Semitism & all forms of hate. Chelsea should be praised for speaking up. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is part of the problem.”



  1. Good for you,Don Jr. for speaking up for Chelsea. So true we should all speak out against this hate! We must start to come together and hate will loose big time!

  2. Thank you, Don Jr. It seems there are idiots all over the world and they are always looking for someone to blame. Does it ever occur to any one of them that political parties are not always to blame for every evil in the world? Boy, Satan is having a ball down there pitting one person against another in the name of politics! Wish people would just stop and think before automatically laying blame for one horrific act after another! Perhaps we just have a few demented sick people out there, I’m sorry to say.

  3. Talk about ” sorry a*s low life worthless piece of sH*t” … what bright ideas does your other functioning brain cell have to say? If that’s all you have to say then you too, sir are a part of the problem.
    Bravo to Don Jr. for standing up and speaking out. Hate speech, anti- semitism or any other has NO place in our society. There is a fine line between “Free Speech” as guaranteed by our First Amendment and We The People must recognize that and stand our ground.
    What we are seeing is the culmination of the divide and conquer prejudice mentality fed to US for 8 years by the previous administration.

  4. Thank you Don jr., what thoughtful gesture to come assist Chelsea Clinton in her time of need. Someone should have been with her. This woman had no right to verbally assault and attack her. ms. Omar from what I watch is to blame for these radical Muslims coming out of the woodwork like termites out to feed. They seek damage wherever they land. These young liberal people have no sense of diplomacy and it’s what they want and feel. Shame on them.

  5. Bravo to Trump coming to the damsel in distress. These big mouths need to stop being soooo disrespectful. I’m a rep. and I know we are not hateful to the Jewish community. I grew up with a lot of jews in my neighborhood and we were friends. We had no hate. Today that is what the left has is hate. You see it on tv all the time. Look at the hate because we want a wall. We are happy to see when the right comes to the left and helps them. We are a caring party.

  6. Her family and her are part of the problem with this country President Trump is the best thing that has happened to the United States of America let him build the wall for American people will be safe I can’t believe that his son took up for Chelsea Clinton after all that the Clinton’s have done to his dad

    • Because his parents raised him to be a decent human being, even Chelsea. I’m proud of him. She wouldn’t do it for him. This makes him the bigger person.

  7. What the low lifes are basically saying, is if you didn’t speak out and condemned anti-semitism, keep quiet and condone it, especially when it comes to Jew hating Omar and Talib, the New Zealand shooting would have never happened. So some nut job shoots up a Mosque, and everyone else is to blame for it. Same exact analogy when it comes to guns. This is getting more attention by the BS media then when Tel Aviv was just attacked, while Omar Talib and Sarsour celebrate.

  8. There is a lesson of Unity or being United here. Chelsea speaking out for the cowardly acts towards those at a place of worship. These are defenseless being preyed upon. Then come forth allegations that it’s Chelsea’s fault? It shows character and class by Don Jr. to be the one/only to come to her defense. Speaks loudly. Kinda refreshing feeling that someone else would even care. Even with political differences. Maybe it’s something for us all to take a moment and re-think some fundamental beliefs? It’s far better then most of this bickering, arguing over crap and bullshit! I don’t know Jr., maybe your just a better man than I am. Hell, would I come to the aide of a Democrat in need?

  9. THE only thing I think AND believe to save our Country IS to give THESE Demon-rats what they want . . . and that is CIVIL WAR ! ! The justice system are NOT curtailing or bringing these pieces of shit-soup ingredients to justice . . . By NOT stopping these DemocrAsses . . . so WE THE PEOPLE SHOULD . . .

  10. Your are a better person than I to go to Chelsea’s defense. She did help contribute to the anger that has overcome the Democrats and un American representatives that we have in our government. No way should someone who swore their oath on the Koran should be allowed to serve in the American Government. This is still (f0r now) a Democracy and we do have a Constitution that states if you cannot back America and its citizen this is the wrong place for you. You are free to come to this country; however you are not free to still belong to terrorist groups.

  11. This just goes too show how the Trump children were raised. Great support D.Jr. as much disdain I have for the Clinton’s, Chelsea was not a part of any of that crooked crap her worthless parents has and are pulling for money and power. As a matter of fact, Chelsea has to live under the views the public has of the Clinton’s and I would hope she learned a good lesson, as for the type person she shouldn’t turn out like, that being the character type of her parents. But great job Don Jr. as for laying down your arms and coming too her defense from the people that are out too ruin everything they touch or come into contact with. I just wish they’d all go back too the country they’ve already trashed out and enjoy the fruits of their spoils. Please go and leave our country out of your worlds.

  12. The communist professors an high school teachers a Long with their union sre transforming our Children into socialist Libertards,

  13. Class act Don JR ,your family always showed and prove to be classy ,although target for all liberals demoRATS .Thank you for standing up tall ,we will always support you and your family .Chelsea was RIGHT ,Omar created more hate than Chelsea s words .I didn’t like the fact that she ducked so easily in front of those indisputable outrage hateful Palestinians .
    Omar is nothing but hatred piece of Somali and her purpose to serve in our serving radicals not our constitution . If she was willing so ,she would have give up the insult symbolism of Islam , what she does behind her closed doors ,it should be her deal not ours .

  14. Ivanka and Chelsea are friends and have been for a long time. So perhaps it plays a part in this decision Donald Jr has made? Sometimes one will try to defend someone if they feel they deserve it, even if they do not agree with all that has gone on, or that is going on, around them. He knows that his father and family are blamed for everything from the Sun to the Mon, and most every bit is common “scapegoat” situations.

  15. Some has to come to Chelsea Clinton’s defense for speaking out against antiSemetic attacks. If Democrats and Republicans don’t come togetherness and stop these Anti-Semitic attacks others like Ilan Omar will do the same and the US will be in big trouble.

  16. Someone has to come to Chelsea Clinton’s defense for speaking out against antiSemetic attacks. If Democrats and Republicans don’t come togetherness and stop these Anti-Semitic attacks others like Ilan Omar will continue to do same and the US will be in big trouble.


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