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Trump just left them shaking in their boots…

U.S. President Donald J. Trump backed the United Kingdom after Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seized a British-flagged tanker, saying the Islamic Republic is in “big trouble”.

“Iran is showing their true colors,” President Trump told reporters outside the White House, adding: “Iran is in big trouble.”

“As you know we have a very close alliance with the UK and we always have,” he told reporters.

“We don’t have very many tankers going in but we have a lot of warships there and we’ll talk to the UK.”

“We have no written agreement… but they’ve been a very great ally of ours,” he added, denouncing Iran as “nothing but trouble”.



  1. Nothing but trouble, Iran is in big trouble, Iran is in big trouble? Yeah, that will really make them wet their cotton dresses and wilt their turbans? Tough pull huh? Is Iran holding hostages and if so it`s time to nuke them.

    • Hey Rod you sound just like one of our weak kneed liberals— just like those who thought it was such a good idea that we ship them millions of dollars on pallets , but what did it get us. They have been playing with us for decades and we are still letting them get away with it! The main reason they think they can get away with it is because of attitudes just like yours . Will you be willing to pick up a M-16 and help defend our friends in the UK and this country? I will be willing but you have to come along also or are you too comfortable in well protected world that we old Marines kept safe for you?

  2. Just an opinion but I believe somehow the real people, the common people, need to know what their “leaders” are about to push them into. This would not be a “sand” war like they had with Iraq if it comes to that. Thousands will die and the nation will be destroyed. The citizens of IRAN need to understand that and take action themselves to prevent it. The Iranian military does know what they face and they know they cannot win a shooting war. So it is definitely advantageous to their nation to tell those Muslim leaders to back off.


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