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All Americans must remember this one fact.

President Trump warned America that if former Vice President Joe Biden does indeed win the November presidential election, “the whole country will be Minneapolis.”

According to the Washington Examiner, “I feel that if the Democrats get in, we are literally going to end up in a recession/depression the likes of which you’ve never seen,” Trump said. “It will be tremendous negative growth. There will be tremendous bedlam all over the place. There won’t be law and order. You’ll have a Seattle — you’ll have a Minneapolis like you’ve never seen before.”

“The whole country will be Minneapolis. And we saved it by me enforcing and sending the troops in,” Trump added.

You can read the full details of this story here.

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  1. Too many uneducated brainwash American fools. They listen to street thugs, ungrateful freeloaders. Democrat party wants slaves no free people. Democrat party has a lot of people on the plantation. Take a good look at Seattle, New York city, twin cities, all going to crap. Big companies bowing down to socialism and communism. Hey companies grow a set. Blm is a street thugs joke. Obama is out there pulling their strings. They should take a good look at Obama, just what did he do for the blacks? Nothing! He made you into haters of every one. Did he get you out of being poor or get you a job. He have your money to the muslims. Do you have free rent, food and $1300 a month for live? No you don’t. Stop blaming the white for your misery. Obama have you nothing and Democrat party plans on never giving you anything. They just want your votes. Anita gets paid to burn are you getting paid. The big nazi Soros hates black, free people. So you keep doing what your doing. Going nowhere but down. Please the truth hurt. America did not start slavery. The black king in Africa did. Sold their own people to black people in America. That is the first slave owners. But the Democrat party tell you to destroy history to keep you stupid.


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