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Democrats have been relentlessly chasing the possibility of impeaching President Donald Trump. Even though they is relatively no chance they can succeed. Now one never Trump activist is explaining why. 

Long standing Trump opponent Max Boot wrote for the Washington Post that if Democrats didn’t attempt to impeach trump is could demonstrate “message of impunity, whereas approving articles of impeachment, even if they do not result in removal, would at least leave a permanent stain on Trump’s presidency.”

There you have it. Democrats are merely trying to smear Trump’s name at this point. 

“He would become only the third president in U.S. history, after [Bill] Clinton and Andrew Johnson, to be impeached. (Nixon resigned before the full House voted on articles of impeachment.) Future generations would remember Trump for the scoundrel that he is. His impeachment would be mentioned in the first line of his obituary,” Boot wrote. 

This stunning admission of petty, callous behavior showcases everything that is wrong with the Democratic party and its efforts. 

But that means they’ll get their comeuppance when Trump wins another term in 2020. 



  1. Hatred is what is fueling this disgusting behavior by the democratic terrorist party. It is an outright vendetta against President Trump because Hillary lost the election. Listening to the terrorists saying you will have to suck it up when the results are in. Oh my they lost and all of a sudden they will not accept the results, resist, fight, civil disobedience. There is a big zit that is getting ready to erupt, and when it does i don`t think the democrats are going to like what will happen. The democratic leadership needs to be tried for treason.

  2. I saw a piece on Mad Maxine Waters. Why this woman hasn’t been arrested, and prosecuted is beyond me. My only thought is she’s Black. This woman is so corrupt it’s incredible. And right from the start of being elected. I also saw a woman from the media trying to interview old Mad Max, and she wanted nothing to do with it. I have noticed that about the Black Leaders in Congress, and the Senate are corrupt. There are some really good Black Leaders, don’t get me wrong. It’s the corrupt ones that get the attention, and not for being corrupt.

  3. The Democrats and their supporters are only making themselves look totally ridiculous. Their hatred knows no bounds. This is going to consume them all and the elected President will have the last laugh. They are all behaving like spoiled three year olds who have been told they cannot have any more candy, and throwing a hissy fit. For supposed adults, who one would surmise are educated, they are remarkably stupid. I hope they have an epic failure.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I hope the Savior rain’s down HELL on all of them soon. I use to be a Dem until they became so hateful. I’m sure Kennedy is flipping over in his grave over what they have become.

  4. The Deamoncrats are drowning and sinking, they are in a last ditch effort to save the Party, well it isn’t working
    all thanks to your lying, cheating and smearing of the POTUS who is doing an exemplary job, accomplishing all he said he would. bushy, odummer and philandering clinton were all incompetent and worthless. You Deamoncrats will lose again in 2020, your 19 candidates are one perfect example, you fools don’t know what to do. The Country is laughing at you for your hateful actions, vulgar treatment of Trump and your downright idiotic actions. Your like an airplane with no Pilot, your infighting, no one knows what to do, your just lost in a sea of incompetence.

  5. Max Boot, you have obviously allowed your blind hatred of Trump to cloud your views. I was not initially a Trump supporter however he has done more for this country in 2 years despite the best efforts you and all the of the Trump haters have put forth to impede his agenda. Romney is a RINO who has disdain for the president because of his own failed attempts at the presidency.

  6. Name one piece of legislation that the Demorats have introduced into legislature that benefits the American people and has been voted on by the house and Senate. These idiots are drawing a check from the American people but are not doing their job. If you had an employee that did the same thing how long would you put up with that?

  7. The actions and words of the Democrats in todays’ DC are complete idiocy and shows how stupid they are…….. They are being promised incredible “things” that they will not receive because when the Elites get their “no borders” world only a small percentage of humans will be left on this earth so the “leaders” of this idiotic plan of the New World Order will have easier control ……. ….Every real American will fight that revolution when it starts……….

  8. They know the odds of impeaching Trump are between zero and none, It is just a smear campaign. They are afraid of going to prison if the DOJ actually starts doing their job

  9. Most of these demoncrats need impeached. A lot also need arrested for treason. The only care about the law breaking illegal immigrants. What happened to the conservative democrats? The party of old was the best, now they are a bunch of treasonous baby killers.

  10. I highly doubt it would smear Trump after all the good he has done to improve conditions in the United States and for the good of the citizens.

    • I think it’s going to smear the Democratic party even more. People are really tired of hearing this impeachment crap when the economy is thriving and our President is working hard to make our border safe from intruders who want to destroy us. These people who draw large pay checks and benefits, paid for by the legal citizens, do nothing for us. It’s appalling.

      • Yes I agree with you bonboyl, remember, our President does not draw a paycheck for all he does for us!

        God Bless Him, and shame on the Americans benefitting from his generosity and his love of our homeland!

  11. No, Max, future generations will learn of your party as a lesson against the self destructive power of unhinged hatred and hyperpartisanship.

  12. I will positively advertise and vote for Trump and Pence in 2020.

    And enough meager money to throw a monkey wrench into the demoncrat power box to short-circuit it at just the right time.

    Satan’s 666 has not arrived yet thank God.

  13. Mad Max has the love of the neocons that elected her to fill her bank account and to become an oppreative too destroy America with their phony rant and fake media rehtoric.

  14. The Democrats are a complete embarrassment. They have no common sense or morals. Haven’t seen any good patriotic Democrats since Jack Kennedy was killed. They no longer care about America. They are only interested in POWER, POWER, AND MONEY, MONEY.

  15. There is a crises in Washington DC. There is an number of Democraps who are
    acting like psychopaths. They need to be removed from congress in straitjackets and taken to a mental hospital and given a frontal lobotomy, Then put somewhere that they cannot do any more harm to America.


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