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He didn’t hold back anything.

During a recent sit down with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo, President Trump wrecked former President Barack Obama and 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden for spying on his campaign.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Trump stated, “This is the greatest political scam, hoax in the history of our country! And people should be going to jail for this stuff… This was all Obama. This was all Biden. These people are corrupt. The whole thing was corrupt. And we caught them. We caught them. And what you saw just now. I watched Biden yesterday he could barely speak. He was on Good Morning America. And he said he didn’t know anything about it. And now it just gets released after he said that. It gets released that he was one of the unmaskers meaning he knew everything about it. So he lied to your friend George Stephanopoulos.”

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  1. Trump has the right to fight for himself. He is fighting the media, Liberals, democrats, some republicans and just idiots every single day. From morning to night. all the time. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT? I know no other president that went through what Trump is going through. America and the world see it. STOP THE BULLCRAP. IT IS TIME TO SAVE AMERICA UNDER ATTACK FROM THE INSIDE. From the democrat’s in congress and The Senate. I DECLARE THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE IN CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER BY NANCY PELOSI AND CHUCK SCHUMMER AND THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.
    WE need to save America.




  5. TRUMP you have every right to veto what the democrats try and pass. Nasty Nancy and the other screwball in congress if you want the illegal la to receive money for a virus you all caused you pay for it out of your own pockets not OURS. I AM SICK OF YOU TAKING MONEY OUT OF OUR SS NOT YOURS OR THE ILLEGALS LEAVE OUR SS ALONE. AND PLEASE PUT THAT IDIOT CROOK OBAMA IN PRISON.

  6. COMMON SENSE III (I wrote Common Sense II in 1976)-ANTI-
    CORRUPTION CORRECTION–AND JUSTICE….to prevent the establishment of “Royalty” and the “hand of King Herod” (our government demons and enslavers at work). ALL COVERED BY THE SECOND AMENDMENT MUST HAVE A “MARCH OF THE MANY MILLION MILITIA” IN WASHINGTON, D.C. –Bring your arms and be prepared to camp out for 3 months or until the “royalty” in charge pass this amendment–The Revolution must be repeated…and it is not against King George but today’s tyrannical fascist royalty politicians in all three branches of Enrichment (nee “government”). Today’s “law” creates tyrannical fascist royalty (and neither they nor their families serve in the military)!
    “LEGICARE” By Copyright c Samuel A. Nigro, MD (NOVEMBER 2016 & 2017)
    (a “deplorable “ad hominem” pamphleteer” and
    Kafkaesque Malicious-Law Criminalization-Hoax Victim–If it were not for the honor of the thing and all that I learned from criminals, I would regret it happened.)

    Charles Dickens said, “The law is an ass.” I have discovered that government law is a capitalist system scheme to control and extort citizens under the guise of “promoting the common good.” “Equal Protection Before The Law”, on the Supreme Court Building, is a joke (If the Clintons are excused, everybody is excused). The law makes money for politicians and all in the law system, selected favored groups and individuals, all employees of the metastatic law megabureaucracy, and for their dictating bosses in the press and media. Seeking a veiled totalitarianism as an unConstitutional established “religion”, government law manages occasionally to be virtuous, but overall, it seeks neither truth nor justice, but inflated preening self-righteousness of arranging legalisms (Lego block equivalents) into an outhouse of sorts (The law is a “Scrabble Game” of legalisms thrown together by lawyers to coordinate evil so it is not chaos as the judges arrange the legalisms to spell “guilty” or “innocent”. The law is a game of bullies throwing hoaxes at each other.). Totally unconstitutional, the government law is an “established religion” with pompous courtroom rituals and dogmatisms second to none in authoritarianism (There is no more pretentiously and dogmatically “high priest” than a judge (a god) at the “bench”–make that “at the stool”–“stool” is more accurate because they all are sitting there “passing gas and more” from every place possible). Legal processing is an opiate for those in power. It is insulting to the Founders. The worst are not the police but the politicians and all in government bureaucracies (except military, firefighters, most police, postal services, and garbage disposal services). The law deserves neither respect nor admiration but fear and contempt pretending safety, respect and admiration, for your own safety. The best way to understand government law, and those in it, is by the New Testament metaphors of “scribes and Pharisees” (and add Herodians and Pontius Pilate too). The following corrective measures are needed. Until implemented, all government law is a capitalist tyranny in every country wherever it is; and government laws only differ on whom and how destroyed. Robert Schumann started out in law school. “It was nothing but cold words,” as he left to compose beautiful music. I believe I am writing what he would have written had he stayed another year in the law. The law is a contemptible disaster.

    As an aside, any physician who goes to law school or cooperates with the law concerning medical matters is a turn-coat traitor to their Medical Profession. Physicians who practice forensics are not doctors. They adore judges. They formulate, not medicate. They litigate, not operate. They indoctrinate, not educate. They ruminate, not commiserate. They incarcerate, not liberate. They freeze, not treat. There is no art or science in law, just an epidemic of self-enriching pseudo-messianic suggestibility diseases. Law is a necessary evil…or, at best, a money-making sport providing victories–who has the most legalisms, wins. It can never regulate the Art and Science of Medicine.

    True Justice requires all political systems to have an ANTI-CORRUPTION AMENDMENT for all political leaders of any nature (elected, appointed, appropriated–No leaders are worth defending unless they do the thirty rules):

    1. All citizens will be covered for all legal matters by a third party system as is health care. There are more laws than illnesses and “Legicare” (legal care comparable to medical care by Medicare) must be provided for all. Insurance and third parties must take over the practice, record keeping, and payments of attorneys.
    2. All in government and law (and family members) are not exempt from any laws including libel.
    3. All in government and law (and family members if employed) are to be paid only by a base salary determined by procedure and service codes which will be the only source of paying for personal benefits received when in office. All procedure and service codes will be equally required for plaintiff and defendant in all litigation in search for “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” as sworn by all parties (including judges and lawyers); and in all government administrative procedures (including Internal Revenue Service) such that “equality before the law” requires government provided services “on behalf” of citizens to equal those actions “against” citizens.
    4. All in government and law (and family members) will be prohibited from any investment in prison or prison support industries. All incarcerations will be overturned whenever this has happened in the past.
    5. All in government and law (and family members) will study, review and sign-off annually on Suggestibility Diseases such as Solomon Asch Groupthink, Stanley Milgrim Suggestibility, Stanford Penitentiary Experiment, Nifong Prevention Programs, Male Antivirtue Sexism, HaremFeminismSexist Selfishness, Abortionismo, and Gay Cultism.
    6. All laws, whenever mentioned in any legal proceeding, will be completely read into the record each time with all parties in attendance so that the defendant is assured that all parties know the law.
    7. “Plea bargains” will be prohibited, because they deprive trial by jury which is constitutionally guaranteed. Plea bargains are capitalism benefits for those in the law: more money for less work by all; no jury trial as Constitutionally required; “free trade” of charges for reduced cost for both prosecution and defense. For equality before the law, the state must equally fund jury trials for both plaintiffs and defendants. In order to stop the plea bargain (actually is usually “plea perjury”) manipulation, prosecutors must prove ALL initial charges and counts, for “guilt” to be found (Each initial “count” is to be a “juror” equivalent declaring “innocent” unless all counts PROVEN guilty). “Plea bargains” make “innocent until PROVEN guilty” to be a joke.
    8. All in government and law and their family members’ retirement, health care, travel without specific government mission, job security & protection, and any other benefits are determined by the same laws and rules which govern the common citizen and will be paid for as common citizens pay from personal finances. ( Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans. Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to pay back student loans. Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term. Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed, under which ordinary citizens must live. For example, they are exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment. And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare Reform, in all of its aspects. We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public servants and then putting themselves above the law.–comments from Edward R. Nigro infra.).
    9. New taxes are needed: a politician/law/bureaucracy tax. Politicians, those in the law and bureaucracy are “bought and sold” every day, and they should be taxed. All in government and law and their family members will be taxed at a 90% rate for any and all increases beyond salary based assets accrued while in office and for five years after leaving government employment.
    10. All in government and law, and all with over 5 million dollars in assets, must have served or serve 4 years in the military and have their children and grandchildren serve in the military for 3 years without special consideration (to preserve themselves all that they stole–If they have not “defended” it by military service, to hell with them. To die for these corrupt politicians and their sycophant families is insane).
    11. All in government and law and family members’ estates will be taxed at 90% at death for all assets over 3 million dollars accumulated during government employment and for 5 years thereafter. This is to pay off the national debt they created.
    12. All laws will be repealed which give any government employee or person in law any benefit not given to the common citizen.
    13. No remuneration of any kind is to be received for enhancing reputation, business generation, client and associate management, civic activities, bar association activities, pro bono activities, speeches, appointments to corporation boards or equivalents. There will be no origination fees, referral fees, fiat retainers, or name value payments or any other payments unless appropriate to the legal work actually performed.
    14. All members of law firms can bill only for work personally performed and documented, time and service, by open records.
    15. Immediate members of politicians’ families are prohibited from practicing law.
    16. Appearances of impropriety and conflicts of interest are to be avoided, disclosed immediately, undone, and prevented.
    17. All legal and financial records of all in government and the law (and employed family members) are open to the public…This enables “truth to reign.”
    18. The right to privacy and prohibition of unreasonable searches require that all medical records for all citizens are absolutely confidential and confined to the doctor-patient relationship.
    19. All in government and law (and family members) are prohibited from any financial remuneration from or investment interest in any press and/or media business.
    20. All in government and First Amendment editors at all levels must wear cameras and recorders for all government related activities with permanent retrieval forever, including all finding of evidence used by prosecutors. The First Amendment is for the people and the press must publish any and all writings from the people which are consistent with the Constitution’s “Nature and Nature’s God.”
    21. No politician can be re-elected to the same office more than once.
    22. The First Amendment does not allow lies and is to preserve the integrity and decency of the people consistent with the Ten Commandments believed and followed by the Founders. All judges, lawyers, editors and journalists guilty of lying will face mandatory three months imprisonment for each offense. (It is ridiculous in courts that only those who take an oath “to tell the truth”are the only ones subject to laws prohibiting false statements.)
    23. All in government (except military, postal, police, fire, and garbage services) should be called “authoritarians” rather than “workers” to more accurately identify and remind them as related to the Nazi, Soviet, and Chinese fascist authoritarianisms (governments). The bureaucracy makes citizens to be administrative slaves to rules, meetings, phone calls enabling the employment of voters who will vote only for the politician employing them. The bureaucracy must be completely computerized without human corruption potential.
    24. All in government, before formal prosecution for non-violent allegations, must make a six month minimum “mercy and forgiveness” attempt to “correct” those responsible by informing of the laws being violated and assisting in re-establishing compliance with the law rather than punitive “conviction” or “entrapment” efforts. “Conviction rates” are to be prohibited because those are the only thing prosecutors really care about.
    25. Malpractice penalties will be retroactively imposed on the estates of all involved in unjust imprisonment–judges, prosecutors, investigators, and plea-bargain accepting defense attorneys cannot get away with the conflict-of-interest profit-making overcriminalization epidemic they have created. The penalties will start at $1million dollars per year (or fraction thereof) of unjust incarceration malpractice from the estates of all responsible and the law bureaucracy. (Over 300 men have been released because of DNA clearance after accumulating over 6000 years of unjust imprisonment thru 2014. Not released were another 11 men already executed. Another 149 were freed in 2015 for false imprisonment averaging 14 years in jail. Another 14 had already been executed! Eight centuries of accumulated unjust imprisonment and twenty five murdered by the law. And nothing happens to those responsible. And we are supposed to “respect the law”? –And check the Central Park Jogger case–the law is contemptible.)
    26. Dismissing cogent criticisms of the law by labeling them “contempt of the law”is totally irrational and proof that the law actually is “contemptible”–argumentum auctoriate or argumentum ad legis deserve contempt. The “contempt” dismissal is actual proof of the validity of the contempt. “Contempt of the law” dismissals must be prohibited.
    27. Without a “right to natural death”, the “right to life” and “created equal” become meaningless. Thus “lethal force” must a legal procedure used whenever an “unnatural death” is imposed as by euthanasia, assisted suicide, abortion, or capital punishment. That is, judges, prosecutors, politicians, and attorneys in that Justice Center’s sphere of involvement would be required to rotate performing the procedures (on a full average week load basis?) so that income will be reasonably distributed. Clearly, the procedures have been confirmed as safe, simple, easily done with low probability of complications. Easily accessible (almost “drive through”) clean, comfortable, warm, quiet, relaxing rooms at the Justice Center with good social-service-like attorneys offering support and assistance while the judges et al demonstrate the acme of their legal powers–lethal force. All procedures are to be routine courses in all law schools–(only 4 days would likely be required–one day for euthanasia, assisted suicide and capital punishment; 2 days for abortion), with one day of observing practice at the Justice Center. Naturally, those with conscientious objection would be excused, but teachers at local law schools would be required to perform all unnatural death procedures to help implement justice at the Justice Center as well as get their share of the income, i.e., Legal ethics require equal obligation and opportunity–the Supreme Court justices in Washington, D.C. should do their share (Stanley Milgrim would be pleased–the Eichmanns ordering the deaths would be the ones doing the killings).
    28. All restrooms, showers, and toilets must be open to all genders at all times at all Justice Centers, all government facilities, and all press&media facilities everywhere.
    29. To be Americans, all Muslims must certify:
    I reject completely and forever that all nations who have not acknowledged the authority of the Quran are sinners; and that it is not my right and not my duty to make war upon non-Muslims wherever they are found or to make slaves of all I can take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise. I pledge allegiance to America as it is; I reject its surrender to Islam; and I will fight to defend this country’s independence, culture, leadership and laws. If I break this promise, I will voluntarily leave, within six months, to go live in an Islamic country in the Middle East.
    Signed this date__________,
    country of origin____________________

    add from Edward R. Nigro, 2018: OUR PRESENT SITUATION ! Children of Congress members do not have to pay back their college student loans. Staffers of Congress family members are also exempt from having to pay back student loans. Members of Congress can retire at full pay after only one term. Members of Congress have exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed, under which ordinary citizens must live. For example, they are exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment. And as the latest example, they have exempted themselves from Healthcare Reform, in all of its aspects. We must not tolerate an elite class of such people, elected as public servants and then putting themselves above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever. The self-serving must stop. Governors of 35 states have filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon their states.It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention. IF??? Each person that receives this will forward it on to 20 people, in three days most people in The United States of America will have the message. Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution: “Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the Citizens of the United States …”
    To SERVE THE PEOPLE is a privilege to be paid for…SERVING THE PEOPLE is not a method of becoming tyrannical fascist ROYALTY as is now the case. Rules are needed to prevent the corruption in the legal system because attorneys especially have innate conflict of interest in that the more they complicate and aggravate the problem, the more fees they can charge. Recording and documentation of federally defined and fee-fixed procedure and service codes are needed for every attorney, judge, and federal bureaucracy member (“authoritarians”), except those in military, postal service, garbage disposal, fire-fighting and police. Essentially, now THE SYSTEM only works well for those IN it i.e., politicians, judges, attorneys, and those in the bureaucracy. They love it. For the rest of us, THE SYSTEM is basically anti-freedom and anti-independence because it exerts fascist-like control almost automatically oppressive. The people are entitled to EQUALITY before the law. This basically means that the Legal System for attorneys and politicians must be equivalent to Obamacare or Medicare for physicians. All legal and bureaucratic services must be defined as “service procedures” with identification numbers and are paid only as allowed for each procedure. This includes all executive, congressional, judicial, legal, bureaucratic and political payments and income. This is done for Medicine now and must be done for all in the Law–Legicare, just like Medicare. Like medicine, the government law has become a capitalist money making business with Soviet style fascist powers rather than a profession truly for the Common Good. The tendered rules will correct this and prevent the corrupting influence of “power.” All government law–every government law–is a tyranny in every country where ever it is; and government laws only differ in whom and how destroyed. At best, government law is a necessary evil masquerading as the common good but only preventing anarchy, so all suffer the same except those in the law. No government is worth supporting until the above twenty-seven principles are the laws of the land before all other laws. Until then, the law is not only an “ass”, but it is an outhouse filled with legalism ordure thrown around by money-making fascist royalty whose most important job is to force fear-hiding “respect” for the law rather than the “contempt” it truly deserves as a “necessary evil.”

    I wrote “Personal Declaration of Independence” in 1974. Today, it is time for all citizens to repeat the American Revolution by my Corruption Amendment.

    I wrote “Common Sense II in 1976. Copy available by email: [email protected]. Thomas Paine wrote the first “Common Sense–addressed to the inhabitants of America” in 1775-76 to help create an independent free citizenry.

    I wrote “The Liberal Declaration of Dependence” in 2011 when I realized America really did die.

    I wrote “Walt Whitman and the Politician” in 1999 with many other poems on America.

    By Samuel A. Nigro, MD September 2010, updated August 2011.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident:
    That all men, women, healthy wanted children, and creatures intermittently
    personalized and adored,
    are created as selfish as they can get away with,
    and are genetically endowed by DNA to have unalienable
    materialist-crooked-politician and self-serving-judge determined RIGHTS:
    the Right to LIFE as authorized by evolutionary dogmatic liberal numerologists,
    the Right to LIBERTY as confirmed by the scientific bosses of the liberal race, and
    the Right to the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS as imposed by imperial liberal”prior
    restraint” using editors & journalists in obedience to their infallible owners.

    This is where we are now. It is a massive contradiction to evolution, and it absolutely rebuts all claims that man has improved over the past 10,000 years in spite of the glitz. The prehistoric people are back in charge—They are the AMERICAN ROYALTY (the liberal US Congress, Executive, Judiciary, all elected and appointed public officials, and editors and journalists of the liberal Press&Media). Here is how they CORRUPT themselves:
    -making and promoting laws and rules for others which they do not have to follow
    (And that IS ROYALTY, for sure!);
    -funding their own retirement and health care plans not available to lesser citizens;
    -building financial empires while in public office
    -imposing procedure and service codes on everyone except themselves
    -without conscience, superego or decency (Never ever wrong!);
    -refusing to resign when guilty as hell about damn near everything (Deny! Deny!)
    -incapable of disgrace or embarrassment even when found conspiring on the internet;
    -destroying the 2500 year old Hippocratic Oath and turning the Medical Profession
    into a state of Indentured Servitude ruining health care;
    -suppressing, offending and depriving people of the free exercise of religion,
    especially Catholics and other Christians;
    -selecting the material, applying the tone, and presenting disproportionately to
    misuse the facts in order to manipulate the people any way possible;
    -suffering from arrogant ignorance and intellectual pride by refusing term limits;
    -self-righteously contemptuous of all but their own points of view (Lie! Lie!);
    -deforming the Constitution into a joke;
    -protesting what was done to “victims,” only doing it themselves to those disliked;
    -infantalizing citizens (socialism) i.e., doing what America, up to now, avoided doing
    (and thereby achieved and maintained greatness—which she could not have done
    with socialistic dependent, irresponsible, lazy, incompetent, parasitic citizens who
    get paid to vote and not to work.);
    -and humping away in sexual activity rejected by the animal kingdom—
    The liberal US Congress, Executive and Judiciary and the liberal Press&Media are anti-
    Transcendental self-proclaimed ROYALTY without Truth, Oneness, Good or
    Beauty, and haven’t got a clue except their own grunting solipsisms—royalty cavemen
    for sure—as selfish as they can get away with and traitors to the American Dream!

    by Samuel A. Nigro, MD, retired psychiatrist, copyright c July 2018
    Biography update July 2018 for Amazon ….barest description….a deplorable pamphleteer since basement “newspaper” of Lyons Hall at Notre Dame in 1955…
    Samuel A. Nigro, MD is a retired physician and Eagle Scout who prayed the Hippocratic Oath at every Mass ever attended since St. Louis University Medical School; was a “point man” for World War III as first Rickover trained physician for first nuclear missile submarine USSGEORGEWASHINGTON, holding world record for non-rosary Hail Marys during “battle stations missile” as counted down to fire missiles to kill 250 million Soviets, payback if they nuked America (It was nothing like the movie “Crimson Tide.”). In his sick bay in Missile Compartment, he was comfortable most of the time in a chair leaning back on the side of missile 7 with his feet resting on the side of missile 5. After finding hematuria in several of the crew because of paint, his reports led to the prohibition of all evaporating solvents on nuclear submarines. While touring the new second missile submarine with its medical officer, he noticed “white stuff” on a large pipe in a remote place; it turned out to be sea salt due to a faulty weld which, when completely failed, would have sunk the sub; it was frantically replaced (No medals, but they deserved one each for preventing the loss of a $200 million dollar submarine and it 120 crewmembers). He was one of few physicians “Dolphin qualified” in US Navy Submarine Service and therefore sent on many spook and secret missions needing medical support during the Cold War in the 1960s as Chief Medical Officer for Submarine Development Group 2, Submarine Squadrons 2 and 8, the USS HOIST (as featured in the movie “Men of Honor”), the bathyscaphe TRIESTE, and others including the search for the USS THRESHER. After military service, he became a kindergarten dad five times while in residency for child&adult psychiatry and the ten-year full time and later clinical assistant professor at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and University Hospitals in Cleveland. There at Rainbow Babies & Childrens Hospital, he began the reintegration of psychiatry into medicine by participating as a psychiatrist in routine pediatric clinic and then was invited to make routine pediatric hospital rounds, all made possible by his past hospital, emergency room, and pediatric clinic experiences at the Submarine Base Hospital when not at sea. A psychiatrist making regular hospital rounds with all other specialties was unique and found beneficial. While in psychiatry residency in 1966, he got a call from researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who were working on the planned trip to the moon and space travel–They had read his research on the atmospheric variables affecting the mental state of submariners while in prolonged submarine missions (To earn his Medical Dolphins for submarines, a research paper was required by the Navy)–They had many questions and all he could tell them was that “Negative ions made for smiling faces” and “Remind that in the military, boredom is good especially doing maintenance.” In addition, he ran a general hospital emergency room as a psychiatrist with cover-featured article in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1970 further helping psychiatry-medicine reintegration. Since college at Notre Dame, he has been a “deplorable” ad hominem free spirited free-speech good-citizen (he fancifully thought, “a voice crying in the wilderness” after being called such by a Jewish physician at an abortion debate in the 1970s) pamphleteer, learning the “hard way” Machiavelli’s warning that those in power will retaliate and destroy those who cogently criticize. He published “A Scientific Critique of Abortion as a Medical Procedure” (which included the first scientific promotion of fatherhood training) in Psychiatric Annals in 1972 following other Right to Life publications. He “created” the editorial board of the Journal of the American Medical Association by filing a complaint of incompetence for its publication of an un-scientific pro-abortion article. In the mid-1970s, he was treated to a personal lunch from Federal Judge Frank Battisti at his lunch-routine crowded restaurant; at a prominent table-for-two, Judge Battisti somewhat loudly asked several times “What does Doctor Sam Nigro think about…” (issues were general medical care and race, and “abortion” never discussed); Doc Sam was really shocked, and could only imagine that the Judge was sending a message to support Doc Sam’s continued position at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine where many openly found the Catholic Church objectionable and abortion welcome–Doc Sam firmly believes he was not terminated because of the unsolicited support of Judge Battisti (famous for his anti-racism rulings). An unethical unprofessional anti-Catholic sexist feminist supervisor-colleague sabotaged publication of his defining “Squiggles” as a valuable drawing treatment technique for children, and he was never invited to parties of department colleagues, probably because of his Right to Life and “traditional” thinking (typical “tolerance” by liberals). Regardless, even though uninvited, he went to a party for the Department by his new Chief of Child Psychiatry–Colleagues were cordial but the Chief somewhat avoidant and rejecting–another interesting experience of being a target of prejudice. A cogent intellectual and calm academic challenger, he was asked by a tolerant later head of the Department of Psychiatry to please attend Grand Rounds so they were more than boring placid tea-parties for presenters. Even though never personally attacking, his academic questioning and intellectual offerings were not well tolerated by some; he was occasionally unprofessionally anti-Hippocratically mocked, bullied and finally prohibited from attending psychiatric department meetings because speakers were manipulated to complain about being academically challenged (“Grand Rounds” were really “Comfort Rounds” when presentations are blandly accepted). He also discovered, “Act like a lamb, get eaten by wolves”–that is, criticized government bureaucracies will retaliate and lie to each other by legalisms enabling false evidence creation. The law was found to be a self-protective gang when all in it collude to retaliate against those who cogently criticize the law as an unConstitutional “established religion.” Incredibly Kafkaesque, never earning a criminal dime, he was fined a quarter of a million dollars and spent five months incarcerated after false loudly magnified coercive incriminations by a bad-faith Pharmacy Board which pretended cooperation for years in accepting his strong complaints about pharmacists mistreating patients (After formally criticizing Pharmacists for ten years, he finally wrote a law prescribing good pharmacist behavior. Three months after he sent his law to the Ohio General Assembly and to the press and others, he was formally accused of drug trafficking and criminal activity by the Pharmacy Board. Obvious to the rational, no criminal would so persistently criticize any legal body whose laws he was knowingly breaking.); not meeting any criteria of “pill mill;” no due process by Medical Board; incompetent and totally wrong record review by Pain Specialist consultant for prosecution (There were 80 OARRS, not “none,” in the ten original cases and 7 had been terminated, not “none,” for medication misuse.); prosecuted by exhumation of an irrational never-used law (The law was an unreasonable, dormant, ignored-for-decades law which required “physical exams” on even old injuries and “pain specialist consultations” every 3 months on patients given opioids–The legalism irrationally stated that without such in the records, the activities were “drug trafficking” and “corrupt activity.” No doubt, the retaliating Pharmacy Board got the law reissued to “get” Doc Sam.); by false evidence creation; by prosecutorial violation of plea bargain by loud slanderous theatrical contempt from investigators glibly shouting their lawyer-bully lies to readily-colluding government colleagues; no mitigation considerations; and by injudicious judge who was manipulated into snarling non-objective non-impartial injustice because the judge did not recognize the maliciousness of slander, defamation, plea bargain violations, total lack of mitigation considerations, subornation of evidence, and subornation of primary prosecution witness who was a terminated patient who told Dr. Nigro that he “would get” him; ignoring an amazing set of character positive testimonial letters (from two Catholic bishops, two directors of Catholic seminaries, four directors of major different across-the-country university departments of psychiatry, political science, social studies, and ophthamology, the founder/director of a major science museum, the owner of a major sports team, and the director of an international intellectual organization); the judge was obviously colluded by loud defamatory lying co-government-tyrant “let us stick together as good government comrades do” with the prosecution and retaliating hateful Pharmacy Board both preening the acme of law school intense “believe me” histrionic lies and bullying theatrics about the “evil” of Dr. Nigro; all because his “defense” attorney advised silence, never defended but just “voluntarily” terminated his medical license as part of an arranged plea bargain (Plea “perjury”–“bogus” and “hoax” are the best words really for this whole experience; plea bargains are unequal, guilt imposing, easy money-making scams for all lawyers involved. “Inflated numbers of initial counts” are false evidence creation and make jokes of “Equal protection by the laws” and “Innocent until proven guilty”). Also ignored was Dr. Nigro’s “Treatment Agreement”, signed by all patients, which stated that the patients terminated him as their doctor if they misused or abused medications. Believing everything in life is a gift, he uniquely studied the hundreds of prisoners he lived with and wrote cogent articles and unique books which are beginning to prevent racism, “cure criminality”, prevent drug abuse by a “Right To Childhood,” Education Programs, fatherhood/motherhood/family integrity, and suggestions for prevention and rehabilitation. His writings have already had positive impacts over the past several years. His books, 2 volume Everybody For Everybody and one volume Soul of the Earth, as do all his writings, provide thousands of truisms for a truth, oneness, good, and beauty filled life, and provide civilizing childhood information most criminals never got. Every criminal and every child not getting a decent childhood should study these books daily which tell what they should have been taught. He refuses to pursue “expungement” no longer trusting the legal system after discovering it to be a contemptible and unConstitutional “established religion” providing the “common good” and enrichment mostly for judges, lawyers, politicians, and other scribes, Pharisees, and Herodians tyrannizing, extorting and surreptitiously enslaving the people. “Equal protection of the laws,” “Innocent until proven guilty” and other law school slogans are jokes proving the contemptibility of the law as an evil, consistent with a Great Course on evil which stated, “The law does not care about truth or justice but about legalisms.” The law is a contest of who has the most legalisms or a Scrabble game of the judge spelling “guilty” or “innocent” with a tab for each legalism offered. After experiencing the law, he proposed that a high tech exhaustive comprehensive “computer game” be developed for all litigation to ensure truth and justice instead of the corrupt, self-enriching, self-righteous, arrogant, pseudo-religious (with judges as gods), unethical, non-professional business which is the law now. The only differences between the laws of different governments are who enriched, who destroyed, and how. The law is an evil consistent with the un-Catholic content of the people. Of the U.S. government, only trustworthy are the military, the police, the firemen, the postal service, and garbage disposal men, considering all others colluding in government to be “royalty”, fascists, crooks, and police state enslavers by administrative whips and bureaucratic chains. Internet MEDCRAVE, Facebook, and LinkedInPublishing and others have many of DocSam’s pamphleteerings, books and writings.


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