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Here’s what he said…

President Donald Trump challenged ABC News for covering up accusations against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

“ABC is as bad as the rest of them,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Journalistic standards are nonexistent today.”

“What the hell are ABC’s editorial standards?” Watters said on his show Watters World, noting ABC News reported on uncorroborated accusations against Justice Brett Kavanagh from lawyer Michael Avenatti.

“The press is so dishonest that we no longer have Freedom of the Press!” Trump concluded.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley also ridiculed ABC News in an interview with Breitbart News.

“For ABC to make the comment that it wasn’t up to our standards to put on television, I guess that doesn’t apply to Kavanaugh, I guess that doesn’t apply to Covington kids, I guess that doesn’t apply when you put up a video that and say ‘look at the shelling in Syria’ but it’s actually Kentucky,” Gidley said.

Gidley also pointed to the so-called ABC News Brian Ross bombshell on the Russia report that actually shifted the stock markets.

“You want to succeed, you try to take down a president, facts or reporting or news reporting be damned,” Gidley said.



  1. This is why “The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization”, must be completely DESTROYED.
    President Trump, has proved beyond a reasonable doubt many many times our Democrat elected officials have been operating a “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization” (RICO).
    Regardless of Party, every citizen should give this some thought and vote for honest government.

  2. What can one expect from a Disney owned Media Station.Just look at how they have promoted the LGBTQ+ Fiasco !!!!! Right down to the Cartoons and such for kids.Walt and Roy are probably turning in their Graves !!!!!

  3. If you want freedom of the press, then the Streamer/Media system has to be broken up, just like the Standard Oil Monopoly had to be broken up. Till then, Media can do anything it wants because Streamers control revenue streams to Medias… not consumer approval. Comcast?NBCs for example,,, NBCs could sell not one dime of advertising time and still remain in business- totally separated from normal commercial models.
    We’re Stuck in 50 million homes with part of our Tv/Internet package payments going to NBCs even if we don’t watch NBCs at all. Media has no need to compete, to be honest.


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