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It’s not to get rid of Trump. The real reason is much darker…

The Democrats had to have known that impeachment was going to get killed in the Senate. So, why even bother trying in the House? Former Rep. Trey Gowdy thinks he knows why.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Gowdy stated, “There is no mathematical way he is ever going to be convicted and they know that. So their goal cannot be to remove Donald Trump from office, it is to neuter his second term. I think he is going to win in November. It’s to neuter that second term by targeting the [senators] Cory Gardners and the Martha McSallys and the Thom Tillises and the Susan Collins and Joni Ernstes, because if Trump wins and doesn’t have the Senate then he is not going to get any judicial vacancies filled and he’s not going to replace a Supreme Court Justice if he or she retires.”

“He is he not going to get the foreign policy he wants,” Gowdy said. “He is not going to get the Cabinet he wants. I never thought this was about removing Donald Trump because they’re not going to do it. It’s about putting Cory Gardner in a really tough series of votes so he has to defend them in November of this fall.” You can read the full details of this story here



  1. I think Gowdy has been drinking his bath water again. I think that we will retake the house, and keep the senate. The DemonSCATS have been digging their own grave, with do nothing nancy, and AOC running things


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