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One state is flirting dangerously close with absolute anarchy.

The Idaho state legislature has failed to renew its regulatory code before their deadline which means that following the first of July all regulations will become null and void.

The state has 8,200 pages of rules that apply to the both the mundane likes fishing licenses to the more pressing like occupational licensing.

In order for regulations to remain in place, the governor will have to implement each one as an emergency regulation. 

While this could lead to numerous problems it also presents a chance for the state to reform in many positive ways, like removing the swath of red tape that covers businesses in the region. 

Good or bad things are about to get very interesting in the state of Idaho.



  1. The problem with the government bureaucracy everywhere has been way too many rules written and never amended or cleaned up or eliminated. Bureaucracies continue to grow exponentially and seem to double every year meaning more and more rules that were never congressionally approved but put out there at the bureaucrats pleasure. They have now become a major problem. I’ve always contended that if you fired 1/2 the bureaucrats in every state and Washington DC things would improve greatly overnight and a budget could probably actually be balanced.

    • Thomas, I couldn’t agree more. I’m willing to bet that nearly all laws and regulations at every level of government are essentially duplicated many times over. See a problem, pass a law. To justify your government job, establish a regulation. We need to send those people packing and start over with a clean slate.

  2. Recce1, what the hell do you think is happening with the Democrats? If that ain’t anarchy, I don’t know what is.

  3. Several people have commented that anarchy could be a good thing, wonder if they’ll feel that way when the “Bloodletting Begins” as that’s inevitable with “Good ol Anarchy” !

  4. Might not be a bad idea for all of us to follow. Get rid of all the BS rules and use common sense and the constitution to lay out a fair and equitable system so we can all live together in peace together. If you don’t like it here the door is open be our guest. Go somewhere else and change them


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