Chicago has a gun violence problem. Many big cities do, but Chicago is like a war zone of its own. There is a reason that the town has been nicknamed “Chiraq” (Chicago-Iraq) by some. The violence, in, at least, some parts of the city, is insane.

And, of course, everyone wants to pass the buck. Anti-gunners want to say that guns are to blame (even though Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation). Anti-police leftists want to blame police and label law enforcement officers as bullies with badges (in spite of all of the data saying that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers are not that at all). Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants to pull the “racist” and “sexist” cards when anyone even wants to ask her questions about the violence (as if either of those things have to do with the violence in her city).

Now, the head of the Chicago police gives us his two cents’ worth. Cara Ding writes,

As Chicago aldermen took turns questioning Police Superintendent David Brown about an alarming crime wave on Friday, Brown said police officers had done their utmost and that the blame should be directed at the court system which had sent too many violent offenders back on the street.

About 20 aldermen requested the special city council meeting with Brown following two violent weekends that saw 24 people killed and 114 injured in Chicago. The day before the meeting, a 1-month-old baby and a 9-year-old girl were both shot in the head; another 8-year-old girl was shot in the arm.

“This is happening because there is too much advocacy for violent offenders and too little consequences for their behaviors in the courts,” Brown told the aldermen at the meeting.

Brown highlighted the growing number of violent suspects sent back into the community before trials by Cook County judges on the electronic monitoring system, a GPS-style tracking device attached on suspects’ ankles for monitoring whereabouts.

Brown has a point. If violent offenders are let back on the street without any attempts to straighten out the crooked thinking that led to their violent crimes, then why would we expect violence to decrease in any meaningful way there.

But the argument can also be made that a huge part of the problem in Chicago is the strict gun control laws. Because of those laws, criminals aren’t afraid, and, really, if you want criminals to show restraint, then that has to be communicated to them in a way that they can understand. That’s not by starting a fight. That’s not by initiating a violent encounter. No,

But one effective way is to allow the average, everyday person in Chicago to be armed at all times. You want those criminals to be scared because they know that, quite literally, anyone can shoot back.

If morality won’t stop criminals, the next step is fear of the possible repercussions and fear that anyone and everyone could be the source of those repercussions. The real reason there is a violence problem in Chicago is because criminals are not afraid, and, in a sane world, criminals really should be afraid of the average citizen.



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