Most Americans knew that there were divisions in America over politics and the role that people think that the government should play in our lives. What is even more clear, though, is how wide the gap between left and right has now become. It’s become so large a gap over the last few years, that some believe that there may be no reconciliation with our fellow Americans who disagree with our politics.

But this situation also begs the question of what is the root cause of the polar split between Americans politically (besides the mainstream media’s blatant misinformation, of course). Roger L. Simon has an answer to that question. Li Hai and Joshua Philipp write,

A war over the Constitution has brought divisions in America to a “truly unhealthy” level, according to Roger L. Simon, co-founder of PJ Media and a senior political analyst for The Epoch Times.

“We have a war over the Constitution going on now. That’s probably the heart of the big split,” Simon told Joshua Phillip, host of EpochTV’s “CrossRoads” program.

“I think the divisions reached the level of being truly unhealthy,” Simon continued. “What’s going on is a bloodsport, and it’s extremely worrisome to me as a relatively old guy—very well worried about the future generations.”

Simon mentioned that his daughter is turning 23 soon and the world she’s moving into is not the world anybody over 50—or even over 30, 40—lived in.

“I think there’re two countries” in America, Simon said. “That’s really what’s happened.”

Sadly, Simon is right. The political left doesn’t seem to have any understanding that the rights of the individual are vital in order to provide freedom for everyone, and the Constitution’s role in protecting individual rights. They certainly have no concept of the Tenth Amendment’s limits on the power of the Federal government (to be fair, Republican politicians seem to have no regard for the Tenth Amendment, either).

Those on the political right, though, understand the value of protecting the rights of everyone, including people that you disagree with.

Sadly, until those on the left begin to have consideration for anyone else, it looks like progress in healing our country may not be able to happen.



  1. I agree completely! The left has been moving in this direction for years, but Obama made the largest push in dividing our country. And now Obiden is trying to keep widening the gap and grow the government larger with more control.

  2. Why else would Nancy Piglousy stay on? She and everyone of those so called and self righteous public servants need and live for is POWER. That is on both sides of the isle, we need to demand term limits. All our Representatives and Senators should not be able to retire with benefits after 6 years of service. Tell me where else we as Americans can retire after such short working life. No place.


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