These Celebrities Aren’t Holding Back, You’ll Never Guess The Political Duo Under FIRE

President Joe Biden is facing some harsh criticism from popular podcast host Joe Rogan and comedian Dave Smith for using Vice President Kamala Harris as a human shield to protect himself in his 2024 re-election campaign bid.

Despite plummeting approval ratings and grim poll numbers, Biden announced on Tuesday that he and Harris will seek re-election to “finish the job.”

According to CNN anchor John King, the president faces a giant challenge as 74 percent of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction.

Rogan and Smith expressed surprise at Biden’s decision to run again, speculating that he kept Harris as his vice president to insulate himself from risks. Rogan described the move as “kind of a b**** move,” comparing it to headlining comics bringing terrible openers.

The two comedians also ridiculed Harris’ public speaking skills, with Rogan mocking her infamous word salads.

They expressed disbelief at both Biden and Harris’ public performances, with Smith wondering if it was all an act to sound as dumb as possible.

Rogan pointed out that Biden chose Harris as his running mate after declaring he would only choose a Black woman, even though she was deeply unqualified for the job.

While he sympathized with people wanting more representation in various jobs, Rogan warned that powerful and influential roles must be merit-based.

Source Fox News