The White House CONNECTION That Raises Eyebrows. You’ll Be Stunned

Hey, 12th graders! You might have heard about the latest scandal involving the Biden family, but what does it all mean? Here’s the scoop: Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, had a meeting with his attorney, George Mesires, at the White House on the same day that Mesires also met with Joe Biden. The meeting was about a subpoena related to an investigation into Hunter’s business partner, Devon Archer.

This revelation adds to the mounting evidence of corruption and influence peddling by the Biden family. Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed to have no knowledge of his son’s business dealings, but the fact that he met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates while vice president tells a different story.

It’s important to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and demand transparency and integrity in our government. We deserve leaders who prioritize the interests of the American people, not their own personal gain.

So, 12th graders, remember to always stay informed and engaged in the issues that affect our country, and don’t be afraid to speak out for what’s right.