The Unbelievable Mistake That’s Shocking The Military World

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump raised an important issue regarding President Biden’s approach to America’s defense during a critical time. Trump pointed out the gravity of the current situation, with nations possessing unprecedented nuclear power and advanced weaponry.

Trump’s interview with Fox News revealed Biden’s troubling stance on ammunition shortages. The president openly acknowledged that the United States is running low on critical ammunition, giving hostile nations like China and North Korea a potential advantage.

This ammunition crisis comes on the heels of Biden’s decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine, which sparked controversy and criticism. His admission about the shortage of 155 mm artillery ammunition rounds raised serious questions about his competence as the nation’s leader.

The combination of the ammunition shortfall and Biden’s willingness to disclose it publicly has ignited concerns among passionate Republican voters about the nation’s security and its standing on the global stage.

Source Fox News