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Most of the Republican party has been able to have a good laugh over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal” proposal. But entrepreneur and economistPeter Schiff sees the threat that’s being offered up under the guise of environmental extremism. 

Schiff shared his concerns via Twitter:

He then exposed the “Deal” for what it was in his following post:

It’s a dangerous game that the ever more radical Democrats continue to play. 



  1. there are too many things going on right now to split this country and make us vulnerable to a takeover by a foreign entity. get these commies out of our government. stop electing people because they are cute or new looking and start using your heads for more than a hat rack. jh.

    • Americans, Democrats are not included, they are the ones you will have to eliminate? Then get your guns ready. The Democrats are coming for you and your guns. There must be elimination, because talking is not working. democrats will not build the wall because they want to rule by using the illegals vote’s, those who came across the border illegally. The military will be on our side. We must place these un-American on the mexican side of the border. If a Democrat fails to act as the Constitution says, then the Democrat can stay. Cortez, Pelosi, Schumer, and more must be removed immediately.

      • I can agree w/your statement once again. Do you really think the military will be on our side ? And all that you’ve said here is true. Civil war is looming. And no amount of talking is getting any kind of action w/these politicians in congress who’ve hijacked the House. I believe they did something fraudulent to gain control of the House. The corruption w/this bunch is nothing but pure corruption. I recently watched the documentary Titled, A wolf in sheep’s clothing regarding Saul Alynski’s Rules for Revolution. All described has come to pass. It’s chilling to listen to. Saul Alynski’s idol was satan the 1st. rebel. This is all relevant to now.

  2. It doesn’t appear that we will be able to solve the liberal dem bloodsuckers problem with talk and votes.
    There re about 30 million men in this country that have spent significant portions of their life defending the USA against socialism and communism.
    Maybe it is time for those men to demonstrate to the liberal dem bloodsuckers how they did it.

  3. I know that Marxists/ Socialists/ Communists/ Leftists/ Progressives all have their specific university-defined differences, similar to Wasps/ Hornets/ Killer Bees all have their specific defined differences. I don’t wish to get stung anymore, so regardless “by any other name,” They are ALL to be avoided or exterminated, dependent upon THEIR willingness to peacefully exist.

  4. Better warn them first so they can ex-patriate themselves to their beloved red countries. Let them enjoy the rest of their time there and no return.

  5. Well if molly coddleing is what the dems want let them ask Cuba, it is the closest socialist country to us. They better get their heads out of their asses before Nibiru, Planet X ,starts it act seriously. The effects of that episode will diminish any other thing going on in the world because it will involve the whole world. There is much debris and trash coming with it and they say we will definitely get hit with a lot of that debris and it isn’t small stuff. Earth shattering events should be a little more important than who is in what office, The arrival is listed as 2019-2020. It wouldn’t hurt for anyone to study up on this thing, it reads like science fiction but it is for real.

  6. I certainly hope the folks who elected this nut job are now convinced she’ll have one term and then out the door and back behind the bar.

  7. Socalisim does not work. This country only have worked with capitalism.
    Get these idiots out of this country, if you want things in life, you have to work hard for them.
    Don’t vote these jerks into our government.

  8. WE have many radical democrats as well as a few republicans in office and they are out to destroy our country.We the people and true American patriots need to keep their eyes wide open and watch all of the things that are going on today and study the facts that will tell us what is right and what is wrong .
    We need to form another program that tells and shows people what to do about keeping our Country in Good Hands—-


    • Crazier and dumber than both together! Demonstrated EVERY day he is in office, not playing golf at our great expense!

  10. Look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 30. These liberal programs are the refined version of AOCs little plan. Many cities are taking these plans and pushing them down the throats of the citizens.

  11. If aoc would just take a space ride into orbit, she could actually see that the planet is very huge compared to her, and her delusions.
    It’s difficult to explain this to somebody that’s consumed way to much alcohol.


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