The Terrifying TRUTH Behind a Potential Global Crisis, You Need To See This

Imagine waking up one day and realizing that the world has changed forever. That could be the reality for the people of Taiwan if the United States does not act with urgency to prevent a potential invasion by China.

According to the chairman of the House Committee on China, Mike Gallagher, Chinese President Xi Jinping may seriously consider a potential invasion of Taiwan in January 2024. Gallagher has warned that the Biden administration is not moving with the appropriate sense of urgency to prevent World War III.

The issue of Taiwan has been a concern for some time, with lawmakers warning that it’s only a matter of time before China tries to invade Taiwan. It is crucial for the United States to take immediate action to prevent an invasion of Taiwan and protect its democratic society.

The United States must work closely with Taiwan to resist any efforts by Beijing to interfere in their election. The potential invasion of Taiwan is a concerning issue that requires immediate attention from the United States. It is crucial for the Biden administration to view Xi’s ambitions for Taiwan as an imminent threat and take appropriate action to prevent an invasion.

The people of Taiwan deserve to live in peace and freedom, and it is the responsibility of the United States to protect them. We cannot afford to ignore the potential threat of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. The United States must act now to prevent World War III and protect the future of Taiwan.